KERALA BUDGET 2008-09 Print
Thursday, 06 March 2008 16:04

Dr. T.M. Thomas Isaac, Minister for Finance presented the State Budget 2008-09 in the

Kerala Legislative Assembly on 06/03/2008.

Budget Documents 
                Budget Speech (Malayalam )        Detailed estimates of Receipts and Disbursements under Debt Heads

Budget Speech (English) 

 Demands - Volume-I
                Budget Highlights (Malayalam)  Demands - Volume-II
                Budget Highlights (English)  Demands - Volume-III
                Budget in Brief - Part.A    

Budget Provision to Panchayat Raj/ Nagarapalika Institutions

                Budget in Brief - Part.B (Statistical Data of all States)  Detailed Budget Estimates of Revenue 
                Budget in Brief - Part.C (State Plan)   Appendix I (Details of Staff) 
11th Five Year Plan; Second Year's Programme 
Medium Term Fiscal Policy and Strategy Statement with Medium Term Fiscal Plan for Kerala
Budget Provision to Local Self Governments in 2008-09 for Development Expenditure 

FIRST SDG 2008-2009 

The Supplementary Demands for Grants involving Rs.763.95 crore included in the First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants of the State overnment relating to the financial year 2008-09 is AVAILABLE FOR DOWNLOAD FROM HERE...

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