26 | 08 | 2016
House Building Advance

FAQs on reintroduced House Building Advance scheme for Kerala State Government Employees

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1 In the case of Joint Loan (joint application for HBA), which HoD should carry out online entry and countersign the statement? 1158
2 From where do I get HBA application form? 1182
3 What is the maximum number of installments possible for repayment of HBA? 1914
4 How many years’ Encumbrance Certificate is required to applying for HBA? 2158
5 When the repayment of HBA is to be started? 1804
6 Whether prior sanction of Government should be obtained in case of change of plot/ purpose of HBA is necessitated? 1817
7 HBA; Introduction/Contact 1256
8 Whether Possession Certificate is to be obtained from Tahsildar as mentioned in Form No.29 for HBA? 1345
9 In the case of Joint Loan (joint application for HBA), whether both of the employee should have minimum 5 years of completed service? 1106
10 Whether All India Service Officers are eligible for HBA under this scheme? 1079
11 If the HODs themselves are the applicants, what is the method of submitting the application? 912
12 Whether an employee having a house but not inhabitable can avail HBA? 1053
13 Whether HBA can be sanctioned if the land is in the name of spouse who is unemployed? 941
14 How the amount of interest of HBA can be calculated? 1329
15 Whether the utilization certificate for sanctioned HBA will have to be produced? 1210
16 Whether inspection will be conducted for verifying that the house is constructed/ bought as per the sanctioned HBA application? 960
17 Which is the Head of account for drawing the HBA amount.? 913
18 Is the repayment of HBA to be made in cash? 935
19 Whether the interest of HBA will also be recovered in each installment? 786
20 Whether HBA can be availed for repair/extension? 637
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