20 | 01 | 2019
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Sl. No.     Name of Code/Act/Manual      
 1 The Kerala Financial Code Volume I
  VIII Edition
 2 The  Kerala Financial Code Volume II   III Edition
 3 The Kerala Account Code Volume I  III Edition
 4 The Kerala Account Code Volume II 
 5 The Kerala Account Code Volume III  IV Edition
 6 The Kerala Treasury Code Volume I   Pages 1-206          
                                                                       Pages 207-404
  IV Edition
 7 The Kerala Treasury Code Volume II 
 8 The Kerala Public Works Account Code   Pages  1-208   V Edition
                                                                             Pages 209-420
 9The Kerala Local Fund Audit Act ,1994(Act 14 of 1994)  
 10The Kerala Ceiling on Government Guarantees Act ,2003
  2018 ലെ കേരള ധനസംബന്ധമായ ഉത്തരവാദിത്ത (ഭേദഗതി) ആക്റ്റ്.  
 11The Kerala Service Rules Volume I
 VIII Edition     
 12The Kerala Service Rules Volume II
 V Edition 
 13The General Provident Fund (Kerala)Rules 2011
 14The Kerala State Employees Group Insurance Scheme Rules 2010
 15The Kerala Part -time Contingent Employees Provident Fund Rules 
 16The Kerala Fiscal Responsibility Rules 2005
 17The Kerala State Life Insurance Rules
 18The Special Rules for the Kerala National Savings Service 2008
 19The Kerala State Disaster Response Fund Rules 2010
Manuals/Hand Books
 20The Kerala Budget Manual 
 Third Edition

Hand book of Instructions for the Speedy Settlement of Audit Objections/Inspection Reports- Timely Disposal of Draft Audit paragraphs                          

 2017 Edition
 22 Hand book of Guidelines on Internal Audit  
 23 Book of Forms