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G.O Number G.O Date 


 G.O (P) No.2/2005/Fin 01/01/2005

Budgetary Control - Appropriation Control by Treasuries - Inclusion of all Departments and all items of Expenditure under the purview of Rule 444 of KTC Vol.I - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.30/2005/Fin  15/01/2005

Delegation of Financial Powers to the Officers in Health Services Department - Director of Health Services and Cold Chain Officer - Enhanced - Orders issued 

 G.O (P) No.92/2005/Fin      23/02/2005

Dearness Allowance - Arrears Crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit extended - Orders issued.

 G.O (P) No.97/2005/Fin  28/02/2005

Economy - Economy in Expenditure - Official Journeys outside the State/ Air Journey - Modified - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.127/2005/Fin  17/03/2005

Kerala Part-time Contingent Employees' Provident Fund Rules 

 G.O (P) No.128/2005/Fin  17/03/2005

Local Self Government Institutions - Devolution of Funds - Introduction of Bill System - Declaration of Implementing Officers as Drawing and Disbursing Officers - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.161/2005/Fin  05/04/2005

Ways and means position of the State Government - Measures to overcome the existing financial difficulties - Enforcement of certain new economy measures - Modified - Orders Issued

 G.O (P) No.236/2005/Fin   21/05/2005

 Finance Department - Special Development Fund for MLAs - Enhancement of the corpus of the Fund - Sanctioned Orders issued

 G.O (P)No.277/2005/Fin14/06/2005

Allowance - Grant of Conveyance allowance to Physically Handicapped Employees - Benefit Extended to Employees with Hearing Impairment - Certificate for Physical Disability - Only from disability Medical Board - Orders issued.

 G.O (P) No.321/2005/Fin  11/07/2005

Allowance - Dearness Relief to State Service Pensioners - Payment of Arrears due with effect from 01/07/2003 - Revised Orders - Issued 

 G.O (P) No.380/2005/Fin  12/08/2005

Pension - Rule 63, Part III Kerala Service Rules - Increment barred without cumulative effect - Notionally reckoning for calculation of pensionary benefits - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.384/2005/Fin  16/08/2005

Public Services - Interim Relief to State Government Employees and Pensioners - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.387/2005/Fin  18/08/2005

DA Arrears - Crediting to Provident Fund Account - Time limit - Extended - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.396/2005/Fin  27/08/2005

Public Services - Interim Relief to State Ex-Gratia Pensioners - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.469/2005/Fin  28/10/2005

Maintenance of Cash Book, Register of Valuables, Register of Cheques - Modifications - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P) No.501/2005/Fin  25/11/2005

Sweeping and Cleaning work in Government Offices - Guidelines for regularisation of existing eligible casual sweepers and appointments against future arising vacancies of sweepers/ cleaners in Government Offices - Prescribed - Orders Issued. 

 G.O (P) No.541/2005/Fin  17/12/2005

Allowance - Dearness Allowance/ Dearness Relief to State Government Employees/ Pensioners with effect from 01/01/2004 & 01/07/2004 - Revision - Orders Issued

 G.O (Ms) No.543/2005/Fin  19/12/2005

Vehicles of Government/ Public Sector Undertakings/ Local Bodies/ Autonomous Bodies - Curbing of Misuse - Clarifications Issued 



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