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Dr.T.M Thomas Isaac                   
Blog: dr-tm-thomas-issac.blogspot.com      Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/thomasisaaq/                   Mobile9447733600  
Son of  Shri T.P. Mathew  and   Smt. Saramma Mathew; born at Kottappuram, near Kodungallur on  26th  September 1952;  Ph.D in Economics; Economist, Political Worker.
Started Political life  as an S.F.I. activist (1971); was S.F.I. Office bearer of Ernakulam Maharaja’s College Union (1973-74); S.F.I. Ernakulam District President (1974-80); President, S.F.I. State Committee (1979); Senior Activist of Kerala Sasthra Sahithya Parishad from  1977; Research Associate, Associate Fellow, Fellow of Centre for Development  studies from 1980 to 2001. Awarded Doctorate in 1985; was State planning Board Member from 1996 to 2001; State President, Coir Centre (C.I.T.U), Parliamentary Party Secretary of C.P.I. (M) in Kerala Legislative Assembly (2001-2006); C.P.I. (M) State Committee Member Since 1991; was Minister for Finance (2006-2011).
Published a number of articles on Economics, Planning and Politics in the leading Regional, National and International Periodicals. Presented Lectures and Papers in National and International Conferences and Seminars.
Elected to Assembly
Publications in English
   1.       Science for Social Revolution (with Dr. B. Ekbal) (1989)

2.      Modernisation and Employment : The coir Industry in Kerala (with R.A. Van Stuijveberg and K.N. Nair)   (1984).

3.      Democracy at Work in an Industrial Co-operative : The story of Kerala Dinesh Beedi (with Richard W. Franke and Pyaralal Raghavan) (1998)

4.      Local Democracy and Development: People’s Campaign for De Centralised Planning (With Richard W. Franke) (2000)

Publications in Malayalam

1.      Kariyunna Kalpavriksham (with M.P. Parameswaran) (1984)

2.      Daridryathinte Arthasasthram  (1985)

3.      Arthasasthram Harisree (1986)

4.      Lokabankum Nanayanidhiyum (1986)

5.      Keralam: Mannum Manushyanum (1987)

6.      Keezhadangalinte Arthasasthram (with N. Harilal)  (1991)

7.      Alappuzhayude Samarapatha (1996)

8.      Janakeeyasoothranam : Chodhyangalum Utharangalum (1998)

9.      Janakeeyasoothranam : Sidhanthavum Prayogavum (1998)

10.  Janakeeyasoothranathinte Rashtriyam (2005)

11.  Kerala Vikasanam : Janapakshathuninnulla Porattam (2006).

Currently, Honorary Fellow of the Centre for Development Studies, Thiruvananthapuram.

Budget Presentations
Financial Year 
Date of Presentation
 Budget Speech
 2006-2007* 23rd June 2006  Malayalam English
 2007-2008 9th March 2007
 Malayalam English
 2008-2009 6th March 2008
 Malayalam English
 2009-2010 20th February 2009
 Malayalam English
 2010-2011 5th March 2010  Malayalam English
 2011-2012 10th February 2011
 Malayalam English
2016-17* 8 th July 2016
 Malayalam English
 3 rd March 2017
 Malayalam English
Languages Known                     
Countries Visited   
USA,U.K,Switzerland,Sweden,Netherlands,UAE,Qatar,Kuwait,Thailand,Srilanka,South Africa
Literary Activities    
Published a number of articles and books on Economics,Planning and Politics