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KERALA BUDGET 2016 -17 PDF Print E-mail
Budget presented by Sri.Oommen Chandy,Honb'le Chief Minister of Kerala on 12 th February 2016

                                                                                                                      KERALA BUDGET 2016-17
 Budget Speech  2016-17 (Malayalam Version)     Budget Speech  2016-17 (English Version)
 Supplementary Demads for Grants
 Annual Financial Statement 2016-17  Annual Plan 2016-17 - Summary          
 Budget in Brief Green Book
  Demand for Grants Volume I  Detailed Budget Estimates of Revenue 2016-17 
 Demand for Grants Volume II Staff Appendix 2016-17 
  Demand for Grants Volume III Debt Budget 2016-17 
Annual Plan Statement Vote on Account 
 LSGD Budget 2016-17 Supplementary Demands for Grants 
 Medium Term Fiscal Policy and Strategy Statement Plan Writeup (Malayalam)