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Sunday, 01 January 2012 19:21
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Government Order No
  GO(P)No 713/2012/Fin
 31/12/2012 LTC to State Government Employees-Introduction of
 27/12/2012 Revision of pay and Allowances of employees of KWA - Clarification
 26/12/2012 Introduction of Centralised System for the payment of Electricity/water charges of Govt.Departments-Instructions issued
 26/12/2012 Govt and Aided Ayurveda Medical Colleges-revision of pay and allowances -Modifications
 19/12/2012 Kerala State Life Insurance /Group Insurance Rules -Revival period of lapsed policies-entrusting Drawing and Disbursing Officers to revive policy
 19/12/2012 Kerala State Life Insurance Rules-Loan streamlining-Entrusting  Drawing and Disbursing Officers to draw and disburse the amount
 17/12/2012 General Pay Revision -Fixation of Pay in the revised scales-No adherence-further orders issued
 GO(Rt)No 10696/2012/Fin 
 22/12/2012 Implementation of  Core Banking Solution in District Treasury and Secretariat Sub Treasury ,Thiruvananthapuram
 GO(Rt)No.10485/2012/Fin 15/12/2012 CTFM-General Academic and Administrative Committee-constituted
  GO(Ms)No.684/2012/Fin 15/12/2012 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio-Repayment
 GO(P)No 678/2012/Fin
 12/12/2012 Pay and Allowances of December 2012 and Pension and Family pension for January 2013 Early disbursement in connection with Christmas
  GO(P)No.676/2012/185/Fin 12/12/2012 Pay Revision 2004-Rules for fixation in the revised scale- service weightage
 01/12/2012 Kerala Service Rules Appendix XII A,XII C Leave without Allowance-Powers delegated to HoDs
  GO(P)No.651/2012/Fin 26/11/2012 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme -renewal for the year 2013 modified
  GO(P)No.649/2012/Fin  23/11/2012 LSG Institutions - Drawal of Funds from the Deposit Accounts under State's Public Account -Modified
 GO(Ms)No 640/2012/Fin 
 20/11/2012 Ratio based higher grade to Divisional Accountants in Kerala General Service
 20/11/2012 Voluntary Blood Donation-Special Casual Leave -Enhanced
 GO(Ms)No 637/2012/Fin 
 19/11/2012 Various allowances to Commandos of India Reserve Battalion-Sanctioned
 17/11/2012 Government and Aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges -Revision of scales of pay and allied matters-Correction-orders issued
 09/11/2012 G PF-Staff of schools taken over by the Government from Local Bodies -Admission to General Provident Fund -Allowed
  GO(P)No.614/2012/Fin 08/11/2012 Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees etc  - Revised
 08/11/2012 Introduction of Treasury Fixed Deposit Certificate in lieu of Solvency Certificate
  GO(P)No.606/2012/Fin 03/11/2012 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme -Renewal of the scheme for the year 2013 -Orders issued
 20/10/2012 Govt. and aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges -Revision of scales of pay -Modification-Orders issued
 GO(P)No 594/2012/Fin
 19/10/2012 Family pension for lifetime to the unmarried daughters of deceased Government Servant-Modified
 GO(P)No 593/2012/Fin
 18/10/2012 Pay and Allowances of October 2012 to Muslim Employees -Early disbursement in connection with Bakrid Festival -sanctioned
  GO(P)No.576/2012/Fin 16/10/2012 Kerala Service Rules -Dispensing with pension contribution in respect of Government Employees working on deputation in grant in aid institutions
 GO(P)No 573/2012/Fin   16/10/2012 Govt. and aided Ayurveda Medical Colleges-revision of scales of pay
 GO(P)No 560/2012/(184)Fin 
 11/10/2012 Rules for fixation of pay in the revised scale service weightage amendment
 GO(Ms)No 554/2012/Fin
 10/10/2012 Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio
 GO(P)No 552/2012/Fin
 10/10/2012 Enhanced financial powers to Government tender committee to consider proposals having technical sanction upto Rs 10 Crore
 GO(P)No 551/2012/Fin 
 09/10/2012 Revision of pension and other related benefits- modified
 09/10/2012 Sri.S.L Sreeram Senior Finance Officer ,Kerala Government Service Voluntary Retirement from service
 09/10/2012 Local Self Government Institutions -Funds for expansion and Development (Category A Fund) Opening of deposit accounts for accounting the expenditure under SCP/TSP sectors
 GO(P)No 546/2012/Fin
 08/10/2012Plan Schemes Delegation of Financial powers of the heads of departments on the basis of the recommendations of the Secretaries Committee meeting
 GO(P)No.544/2012/Fin 08/10/2012 Enhancement of delegation of financial powers of Superintending Engineer & Executive Engineer in PWD ,Irrigation Department
 04/10/2012 Revision of scales of pay and allowances of the staff Kerala Fishermen's Welfare Fund Board(KFWFB)
 GO(Rt)No.8470/2012/Fin 29/09/2012 Appointment of  Sri.S Sreekumar,Joint Secretary to Government as the Director of Treasuries,Kerala
 GO(Ms)No 523/2012/Fin
 28/09/2012 Treasury Fixed Deposit Scheme-Payment of incentive to the staff
 24/09/2012 GIS - Default of subscription during LWA under medical ground -Revival /remittance of defaulted premia - further instructions
 GO(P)No 508/2012/Fin
 22/09/2012 Employees who undergo chemotherapy or radiation or heart surgery or organ transplantation -Special casual leave
 19/09/2012 KILA - Scales of Pay and allowances - Revised
 13/09/2012 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan portfolio-September 2012
 GO(P)No.492/2012/Fin 10/09/2012 Revision of Pension/family pension in respect of the teaching staff of Medical Education Department who retired prior to 01/04/1990
 GO(Rt)No 7877/2012/Fin
 06/09/2012 Centre for Training in Financial Management -Recommendations of  the Academic Committee
 GO(Ms)No 486/2012/Fin
 05/09/2012 KFC Government guarantee provided for the issue of bonds for Rs 400 Crore 
 GO(Ms) no 483/2012/(183)/Fin
 03.09/2012 Pay Revision 2004 - Schools for the Handicapped - Merger of Assistant Teacher (with special training) Grade II and Grade I posts - Revised Time bound higher grade scales - Further orders issued.
 GO(Ms)No.482/2012/Fin 27/08/2012 Revision of scales of pay and allowances of the employees of Tourist Resort(Kerala)Limited
 GO(Ms)No.481/2012/Fin 27/08/2012Revision of pay and allowances of the staff of Kerala State Institute for Childrens Literature
 GO(Ms)No 480/2012/Fin
 27/08/2012Revision of scales of pay and allowances of the staff of Vegetable and Fruit promotion Council Keralam(VFPCK)
 GO(Ms)N.479/2012/Fin  27/08/2012 Revision of scales of pay and allowances of  the staff of Kerala Institute of Labour and Employment (KILE)
 23/08/2012National Savings Kerala State National Savings Agents Pension Scheme -Constitution of Pension Board
 23/08/2012 Budget Speech 2012-13 Preparation of Project Report for the establishment of Centre for Public Policy Research-Dr.Jose Jacob,Director of National Savings-Entrusted
 GO(P)No.471/2012/Fin  23/08/2012 KSR- Grant of Leave without Allowance under Appendix XII A and XII C before completion of probation GO(P)No 161/2008/Fin Dated 09/04/2008 Cancelled
 GO(Ms)No.469/2012/Fin  23/08/2012 Revision of pay and allowances of the staff of Kerala State Cooperative Federation for Fisheries Development Limited (Matsyafed)
 22/08/2012 Public Sector Undertakings-Special Festival Allowance 2011-12
 17/08/2012 Revision of scales of pay and allowances of the staff of Energy Management Centre
 GO(Ms)No.463/2012/Fin 17/08/2012Onam Advance to parttime contingent employees ,NMR  workers etc for 2012
 GO(P)No.462/2012/Fin 17/08/2012Onam Advance to Government Employees for 2012
 GO(P)No.461/2012/Fin 17/08/2012 Adhoc Bonus and Special festival allowance 2011-12 to State Government Employees and Pensioners
 GO(Ms)No 459/2012/Fin
 14/08/2012Revision of Scales of pay and allowances of Roads and Bridges Development Corporation of Kerala Limited - Sanctioned
 GO(P)No452/2012/Fin 10/08/2012 Pay and Allowances of August 2012 and pension and family pension for September 2012 Early disbursement in connection with Ramzan and Onam -Orders issued
 09/08/2012Revision of Pension and other related benefits in respect of High Court Staff consequent on revision of pay scales from 01-07-2009-Orders issued
 GO(P)No 444/2012/Fin
 08/08/2012 Funds to Local Self Governments for expansion and development-Modified Orders
 GO(P)No.442/2012/Fin 08/08/2012Fiscal Management measures to control expenditure to achieve Fiscal Consolidation
 GO(P)No.441/2012/Fin 08/08/2012Fiscal Management Measures to control Expenditure to achieve Fiscal Consolidation -orders issued
 01/08/2012 Payment of higher rate of family pension -enhancement of age limit- orders issued
 GO(P)No 432/2012/Fin
 31/07/2012PSUs which follow KSRs-Grant of Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy or radiation and kidney transplantation
 GO(P)No 427/2012/Fin
 30/07/2012State Planning Board Chiefs of various divisions scale of pay modified
 GO(Ms)No.426/2012/(182)/Fin 28/07/2012Pay Revision 2004-20% ratio based Higher Grade to Draftsman Grade I /Overseer Grade I-Dispensed with
 GO(P)No 421/2012/Fin
 28/07/2012 Kerala Service Rules-Enhancement of age of retirement-Re option for fixation of pay under Rule 28A Part I,KSRs
 GO(P)No 420/2012/Fin 
 28/07/2012 D A Arrears- Crediting to provident fund accounts Time limit Extended
 GO(P)No 419/2012/Fin
 26/07/2012Legislative Assembly Constituency Asset Development Fund-Number of works that can be taken up each year-Modification of guidelines
 GO(Rt)No 7069/2012/Fin
 26/07/2012 EMLI Software -Security Audit
 26/07/2012 Revision of Scale of pay and allowances of the staff of Institute of Management in Government
 GO(Ms)No 415/2012/Fin  25/07/2012 Revision of scale of pay and allowances of the employees of Kerala Dental Council sanctioned
 GO(Ms)No 413/2012/Fin 
 24/07/2012 Travelling Allowance -Enhancement of TA Ceiling of the Internal Audit Wings of Major Departments in the state -sanctioned
 GO(P)No 405/2012/Fin
 19/07/2012 Modification of Rule 100 Part III KSRs reemployment pay of pensioners other than State Government
 GO(Ms)No 403/2012/(103)/Fin
 16/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Indian Systems of Medicine Department-PG Degree Allowance Sanctioned
 GO(P)No 400/2012/Fin
 13/07/2012 Govt.aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges -Option and Career advancement promotion clarification
 GO(P)No  396/2012/Fin   11/07/2012 Delegation of Financial Powers -Acceptance of tender excess 
 GO(Ms)No 391/2012/(101)/Fin 10/07/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department-Commissionerate of Food Safety-Dy Director (PFA)Scale of pay -Modified
 GO(P)No 390/2012/Fin
 10/07/2012 Kerala Financial Code Volume I Article 99 Amendment
 GO(P)No 373/2012/Fin
 04/07/2012 Revision of pension in respect of UGC/AICTE/MES pensioners-Modification
 GO(P)No 372/2012/Fin
 04/07/2012 Revision of pension /family pension in respect of Principals of Arts and Science Colleges ,Sanskrit Colleges ,Training Colleges and Physical Education Colleges under non UGC Scheme-clarification
  GO(P)No 368/2012/Fin
 03/07/2012 Revision of Pension and other related benefits in respect of employees of Kerala Water Authority consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 -orders issued
 29/06/2012 Remuneration of Casual sweepers -Enhanced -Orders issued
 GO(P)No 359/2012/Fin 
 29/06/2012Provident Fund -Rate of interest on deposits in General Provident Fund(Kerala)and other Provident Funds for the financial year 2012-13-Fixation of-orders issued
 GO(Rt)No 6183/2012/Fin
 26/06/2012 Price fixation -Kerala Financial Code Volume II Third Edition
 GO(Ms)No 352/2012/(97)/Fin 25/06/2012 Judiciary and Kerala State Transport Appellate Tribunal Departments-Modification of scale of pay
 GO(Ms)No 350/2012/(96)/Fin
 25/06/2012Medical Education Department-Limb Fitting Centre-Cobbler Scale of pay-Modified
 GO(Ms)No 345/2012/(94)/Fin 20/06/2012General Education Department -Scale of pay of the post of Assistant Super Check Officer -Modified
 GO(P)No 349/2012/Fin
 23/06/2012Revision of pay and Allowances of employees of KTDC Hotels & Resorts Ltd
 GO(Ms)No 341/2012/Fin 15/06/2012Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of existing House loan portfolio Repayment
 GO(Rt)No 5933/2012/Fin   16/06/2012National Savings Department-Mahila Pradhan Agents & SAS Agents -Engaging for service in other sectors
 GO(P)No 339/2012/(181)/Fin
 13/06/2012 Pay Revision 2004-Technical Education Scale of Pay Modified
 GO(P)No.323/2012/Fin   04/06 /2012. Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees ...etc with effect from 01/01/2012
 GO(P)No 337/2012/Fin
 12/06/2012 Legislative Assembly Constituency Asset Development fund Guidelines -Modified
 GO(Rt)No 5649/2012/Fin
 05/06/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 3 rd installment of Funds for Expansion and Development -Allocation of funds to  Local Govt-Transfer credit  from the consolidated fund to the Public Account and  release therefrom
 GO(Rt)No 5648/2012/Fin
 05/06/2012 Budget Estimates 2012-13 3 rd installment of Funds for Maintenance Expenditure of Local Govt-Transfer credit  from the consolidated fund to the Public Account and permission to release
 11/06/2012 Legislative Assembly Constituency Asset Development Fund -Constituted
 GO(P)No 324/2012/Fin
 04/06/2012 Pension Revision 2009 Special Pay in lieu of Higher Time Scale of pay -Reckoning of Orders issued
 GO(Ms)No 327/2012/(88)/Fin
 04/06/2012 Stationery Department-Assistant Store Keeper Scale of Pay -modified
 GO(P)No 259/2012/(73)/Fin
 02/05/2012 Pay Revision 2009-PARA 17 Annex III Modified
 GO(Ms)No 316/2012/Fin
 01/06/2012 Kerala Service Rules Part III  Rule 100 Reemployment pay of pensioner clarification
 GO(Ms)No 311/2012/Fin
 29/05/2012 Finger Print Bureau scale of pay of Tester Inspector(HG)-Modified
 GO(P)No 325/2012/Fin 04/06/2012 Govt.and aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges-Revision of scale of pay 
 GO(P)No 306/2012/(81)/Fin 28/05/2012 Department schedule caption erratum
 GO(P)No 258/2012/(72)/Fin
02/05/2012 Fixation of scale of pay of HSA/HM Clarification
 GO(Ms)No 328/2012/(89)/Fin
05/06/2012 Higher rate of HRA to the employees of Nirmalagiri College reinstated
 GO(Ms)No 326/2012/(86)/Fin
 05/06/2012 Public Health Laboratory-Scientific Officer -scale of pay
 GO(Ms)No 321/2012/(84)/Fin 04/06/2012 Motor Cycle orderly-Scale of pay -Modified
 GO(Ms)No 315/2012/(83)/Fin
 31/05/2012 Secretariat Service CA/PA Special Pay modified
 GO(Ms)No 294/2012/(80)/Fin  22/05/2012 Land Revenue Dept.Deputy Collector and Deputy Collector(SG)-Scale of Pay Modified
 GO(Ms)No 292/2012/(79)/Fin 19/05/2012 Medical Education Dept. -Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dept. Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineer-Scale of pay
 GO(Ms)No 286/2012/Fin  15/05/2012 Police Department-Photographic Bureau scale of pay and Risk Allowance
 GO(Ms)No 279/2012/(76)/Fin
 14/05/2012 Medical Education Department-Health Educator -Scale of Pay -Modified
 GO(Ms)No 260/2012/(74)/Fin
 02/05/2012 Secretariat Service PA/CA Special Pay -Modified
 GO(Rt)No 5632/2012/Fin
 05/06/2012 Security Audit of EMLI - Administrative sanction
 30/05/2012 General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules-Enhancement of age of retirement of Govt.Employees  and Teachers -Closure of GPF Accounts -Allowed
 GO(P)No 310/2012/Fin
 28/05/2012 Govt. and aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges -Revision of scales of pay
 GO(Ms)No 298/2012/Fi24/05/2012 Implementation of recommendations of the Fourth State Finance Commission-Constitution of mobile Teams
 GO(P)No.297/2012/Fin  23/05 /2012  Revision of Pension of persons directly recruited to Personal Staff
  GO(P)No 248/2012/(70)/Fin 30/04/2012Technical Education Department-Scale of pay of Computer Programmer.Computer Programmer(HG) and System Analyst-Modified
  GO(Ms)No 271/2012/Fin
 09/05/2012 Guidelines for sending Officers of Finance Department for other training programmes
 GO(Rt)No 4924/2012/Fin 
 05/05/2012 Translation of Codes Manuals and Rules Preparation of panel
 GO(Ms)No 255/2012/Fin 
 Centre for Training in Financial Management - Audit Training Programmes- Formation of Academic Committee
 GO(P) No 243/2012/Fin
 27/04/2012 Kerala Service Rules - Part I -Amendment - Orders issued

GO(P)No 239/2012/Fin

 Appointment of Public Expenditure Review Committee
 GO(Ms)No.237/2012/Fin 24/04/2012 Kerala Financial Corporation -Staff restructuring proposal -sanctioned
 24/04/2012 Revision of Pay and Allowances of Employees and Abkari Workers of KSBC Ltd -Modified
 GO(P)No 232/2012/(69)/Fin
 Legislature Secretariat-Scale of pay of the post of Deputy Librarian -Modified
 19/04/2012 Health Services Department -Medical Officers -Common Special Allowance-Discontinued
 19/04/2012Revision of Pension and family pension in respect of those coming under UGC/MES/AICTE Schemes-Modification 
 GO(P)No 226/2012/Fin 
 18/04/2012 Amendment to KSR Part III
 GO(Ms)No 224/2012/Fin 
 17/04/2012 Finance Department -9th Pay Revision Commission Anomaly Rectification Cell Continuance sanction
 17/04/2012 Speedy disposal of Unserviceable articles and seized/confiscated vehicles lying idle in various departments
 16/04/2012Govt.Commercial Departments/Undertakings and Irrigation schemes -Rate of Interest on capital outlay and Depreciation Reserve Funds for 2011-12
 GO(Ms)No 221/2012/Fin
 13/04/2012Securitisation of Principal and Interest portion of existing House Loan portfolio-Repayment
  GO(P)No 217/2012/Fin 11/04/2012 Amendment to Part I KSR
  GO(P)No 216/2012/Fin
 11/04/2012Amendment to Part I KSR
 GO(P)No 210/2012/Fin
 04/04/2012 Public Sector Undertakings which follow KSR - Grant of Special Casual Leave for the employed   parents of physically /mentally challenged children
 GO(Ms)No 205/2012/(67)/Fin 31/03/2012 Special Allowance-Modified
 GO(Ms)No 204/2012/(66)/Fin 31/03/2012  Legislature Sectt-Scale of Pay of the post of Binder Gr II and Duplicating Machine Operator
 GO(Ms)No 203/2012/(65)/Fin 31/03/2012 KPSC-Modified ratio between PA(HG)and PA
 GO(P)No 196/2012/(64)/Fin 31/03/2012 Fixation of scale of pay of High School Assistants/Headmasters-Clarified
 10/04/2012 Loans and Advances sanctioned to State Govt.Employees Recovery during April 2012 -Postponed
 GO(P)No 206/2012/Fin 
 02/04/2012 KSBC Ltd-Pay and Allowances of Employees and Abkari Workers - Revised
 GO(Ms)No 202/2012/Fin
 31/03/2012 Renaming of Finance Secretariat Training Centre
 31/03/2012 GPAI Scheme- Modification
 GO(Ms)No 194/2012/(61)/Fin
 30/03/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Risk allowance to staff under Leprosy Wing sanctioned
 GO(P)No 193/2012/(60)Fin
 29/03/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Advocate General's Office- KPSC-Secretariat Services  Scales of Pay-rectification -Modified
 GO(P)No 191/2012/(59)/Fin 
 29/03/2012 Pay Revision 2009 Compensatory Allowance Secretariat staff working in Record Section in Cellar -Modification
 GO(Rt)No.2802/2012/ Fin    29/03/2012  Release of Rs 10 Crore for KSEDM
 GO(P)No.185/2012/Fin  27/03/2012. Special Development Fund for MLAs- Corpus enhanced
 GO(P) No 183/2012/Fin
 26/03/2012 Kerala Service Rules - Amendment of Rules in Part I of the Kerala Service Rules
 GO(P)No 176/2012/(56)/Fin
 24/03/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Permission to exercise Re-option on Pay Revision -sanctioned
 24/03/2012 Pay Revision 2009 -Sergeant in Common Category-Incorporation of foot note
 24/03/2012Provident Fund -Rate of interest on deposits in General Provident Fund(Kerala)and other provident funds for the financial year 2011-12-Fixation of -orders issued
 GO(P)No.170/2012/Fin 22/03/2012 KSR - Enhancement of age of retirement and creation of supernumerary posts
 GO(P)No.169/2012/Fin 20/03/2012 Execution of works of Government through agencies other than PWD -Guidelines -modified
 GO(Ms)No182/2012/Fin  24/03/2012 Creation of 14 posts of Driver Gr II (LDV)for the office of the District Finance Inspection Squads
 GO(Ms)No.181/2012/(58)/Fin  24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009 State Archives Department-Editorial Assistant and UDC/Assistant Archivist Gr II-Scale of pay modified
 GO(Ms)No.178/2012/(57)/Fin  24/03/2012 Advocate General's Office -Higher Grade in the Ratio 1:1 to the post of Office Superintendent-sanctioned
 GO(Ms)No.175/2012/(55)/Fin 24/03/2012Pay Revision 2009-Medical Education Department-Limb fitting centre-Workshop Foreman/Foreman -scale of pay -Modified
 GO(Ms)No.144/2012(53)/Fin  01/03/2012  Pay Revision 2009-Printing Department-Examiner,stamp Manufactory -scale of pay -Modified
 GO(P)No 153/2012/Fin
 12/03/2012 Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of Existing House Loan Portfolio-Repayment Monthly instalments for March 2012
 GO(P)No 150/2012/Fin
 06/03/2012 Invalid pension to part time contingent pensioners-Enhanced
 06/03/2012Budget Estimates 2011-12 Funds for Expansion and Development-Allocation of 2 nd Instalment of Grant
 GO(Ms)No 148/2012/Fin
 05/03/2012Fourth State Finance Commission -Recommendation on Finances of Local Self Governments in the State -Suggestions of the Secretaries's Committee on recommendation Nos 11.2.1 to 11.2.24,11.03.1 and 11.5.1 in Part I -Accepted
 GO(P)No 146/2012/Fin 
 03/03/2012 Revision of Pension in respect of 1st Grade Professors of Arts and Science Colleges under non-UGC Scheme-Clarification
 29/02/2012 Revision of the financial powers of the departmental working group and special working group -further modification orders issued
 22/02/2012Medical allowance to Pro-rata Pensioners enhanced
 GO(Ms)No 135/2012/Fin
 25/02/2012 Local Self Government Institutions-Allocation and Drawal of Funds Modified
SDF for MLAs- Enhancement of Corpus and modification of Guidelines 
 GO(Ms)No 132/2012/Fin
 24/02/2012 Pay Revision -Perks and Allowance to Industrial Tribunals sanctioned
 GO(P)No 128/2012/Fin
 23/02/2012 Procedure for acceptance of Tender Excess and sanction of Revised Estimate-Modified
 17/02/2012Tender forms free of cost to Small Scale Industrial Units within the State-Sanctioned
 GO(Ms)No 119/2012/(52)/Fin 16/02/2012 Prisons Department-Welfare Officer Grade II &I Scale of pay modified 
 GO(Ms)No 116/2012/(49)/Fin  16/02/2012Tourism  Department scale of pay of AC mechanic -Modified
 GO(Ms)No 115/2012/(48)/Fin 16/02/2012Survey and Land Records  Department scale of pay of the post of Deputy Director(Senior grade)Modified
 GO(Ms)No.114/2012/(47)/Fin 16/02/2012 Kerala Public Service Commission  Scale of pay of the post of Enquiry Officer Modified
 GO(P)No.107/2012/(46)/Fin  13/02/2012 Pay Revision 2009- Factories and Boilers Department-scale of pay of Chemical Inspector-Modified
 09/02/2012 SLI Premium - Revised  from the salary for the month of March 2012
  GO(Ms)No.95/2012/Fin 07/02/2012 Pay Revision 2009-Scales of pay-Erratum
 General Provident Fund (Kerala)Rules, 2011.
 GO(Ms)No.84/2012/(44)/Fin 03/02/2012 Local Fund Audit Department-Modification of Designation
 02/02/2012Implementation of New Pension Scheme for All India Service Officers(Kerala Cadre)recruited on or after 01/01/2004-Modification-Orders issued
 01/02/2012 Special Development Fund for MLAs-Allotment of funds for 2011-12 -Release of third Instalment
 GO(Ms)No.93/2012/Fin   06/02/2012 Scale of Pay of Vigilance Tribunals-Revised
 03/02/2012 Finance Department-Training Centre - Honorarium to guest faculties-enhanced
 03/02/2012Purchase of Motor Car/Motor Cycle/Scooter- Non-Refundable withdrawal from GPF-Basic Pay limit - Revised
 31/01/2012Group Personal Insurance Scheme-Time limit for joining the scheme-Extended 
 30/01/2012Delegation of Financial Powers to Executive/Supt. and Chief  Engineers of Public works, Irrigation,Harbour Engineering and other Engineering Depts
 28/01/2012Public Services-Appointment of Employees on Daily wages-Fixing of daily wages of Electrician
 28/01/2012 Ceiling on Traveling Allowance of State Government Employees - Revised
 28/01/2012 Kerala Part time Contingent Employees Provident Fund-reg
 25/01/2012Revision of Pay and Allowances of employees of Kerala Water Authority -Recommendations of the 9th Pay Revision Commission -Erratum
 25/01/2012Government and Aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges-Revision of scales of pay and allied matters of teachers under AICTE scales of pay in terms of UGC scheme-Corrected
 25/01/2012Uniform Allowance-Erratum
 GO(Ms)No.69/2012/(42)/Fin 25/01/2012Secretariat Service-Scale of pay of Duplicating Machine/Roneo    Operator
 GO(Ms)No 64/2012/Fin
 21/01/2012 Provisional Seniority list of Finance Officers
 21/01/2012Scale of pay of the post of Deputy Director,Tourism Information Office,New Delhi
 19/01/2012Revision of pay and allowances of employees of Kerala Water Authority-Recommendations of the 9th Pay Revision Commission
 17/01/2012Pay Revision 2009 Panchayath Department-Ratio Based Higher grade to Sanitary Inspectors
 GO(P) No. 48/2012/Fin  13/01/2012Government and Aided Homoeopathic Medical Colleges - Revision of scales of pay and allied matters of teachers under AICTE scales of pay in terms of UGC scheme - Sanctioned - Orders issued 
 13/01/2012Securitisation of Principal and interest portion of existing House Loan portfolio -Repayment-Monthly Instalments -Payment for the month of January 2012
 GO(P)No.43/2012/Fin 12/01/2012Treasury Savings Bank -Payment of balance in the savings bank to the legal heirs of depositors-without production of a succession certificate -monetary limits enhanced
 GO(Rt)No.333/2012/Fin 11/01/2012LSG Institutions-Funds for Expansion and development (Category A)-Opening of separate heads of account for accounting the expenditure under SCP/TSP sectors-orders issued
 GO(P)No.40/2012/(39)/Fin 11/01/2012 Universities-reckoning of prior Govt.Service for service weightage
 GO(Ms)No.21/2012(38)/Fin  10/01/2012 Annex VI- Risk Allowance-Designation of posts below Chemical Examiner's Laboratory
 GO(Ms)No.18/2012/(37)/Fin 09/01/2012Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department-Public Health Wing and MCH wing -Pay & Allowances Modified
 09/01/2012Pay Revision 2009-Health Services Department--Patient Employees-Scale of pay awarded
 GO(Ms)No.16/2012/(35)/Fin 07/01/2012 Inclusion of posts and correction of scale of pay
 GO(MS)No 12/12/Fin 
 06/01/2012Creation of posts -Identification of surplus staff and redeployment -constitution of Empowered Committee
 GO(P)No.08/2012/Fin  05/01/2012Pay revision 2004-Permission to exercise re-option in cases of audit objection /retrospective promotion  prior to the date of effect of option of employees
 G.O(Rt)No.169/2012/Fin  05/01/2012Introduction of Core Banking Application in Treasuries on a pilot basis-Erratum
 G.O(MS)No.03/2012/Fin 03/01/2012
Treasury Fixed Deposit Scheme -Payment of incentive to the staff - Orders issued
 G.O(Rt)No.05/2012/Fin  02/01/2012Introduction of Core Banking Application in Treasuries on a pilot basis
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