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Wednesday, 30 March 2011 12:32

Popular Orders (2011)
 GO(P)No.85/2011/Fin Dated 26/02/2011 and the erratum    issued vide GO(P)No.143/2011/Fin Dated 30/03/2011
 Pay Revision Order 2009
 Statement of Fixation of Pay in the Revised Scale
 Form of option
 Anomaly Rectification Orders (2009)
 Application for Leave/ Leave surrender as per Rule 113, Part I KSRs
 26/02/2011 Pay Revision Order (Universities)
 Circular No.22/2011/Fin
 07/04/2011Directions issued to the Heads of Departments

 Circular instructions

 Instructions issued by Accountant General

 Circular No.13/2011/Fin

 11/02/2011Traveling  Allowance of officials -Instructions


 02/05/2011Employees on Daily wages-Rates enhanced

 Circular No.29/2011/Fin

 26/05/2011Instructions issued on Rectification of Anomalies

 GO(P) No.264/2011/Fin

 18/06/2011Enhancement of Daily Wages of Data Entry Operators Etc

 GO(P) No.210/2011/Fin

Erratum to the Govt.Order on DA/DR

 GO(P)No.271/ 2011/ Fin

 27/06/2011Casual leave introduced to daily waged Employees and reemployed pensioners

 GO(P) No.333/2011/Fin

 06/08/2011Special Casual Leave to the physically and mentally Challenged

 GO(P) No.334 /2011/Fin

 06/08/2011Special Casual leave to undergo Chemotherapy/Radiation/Kidney Transplantation-Guidelines


 02/08/2011Family pension to parents &Unmarried daughters-Income limit enhanced

 GO(P) No.330/2011/Fin

 03/08/2011Daily wages of HR/CLR workers in PWD & Water Resources Department


 11/08/2011Inter University transfers-Reckoning prior service for pension


 25/08/2011Arrears of Dearness Allowance-Crediting to PF Accounts-Time Limit Extended


 02/09/2011Special Festival Allowance to Part time Contingent Family pensioners Sanctioned

 GO(Ms) No.347/2011 /Fin

 17/08/2011Cabinet Sub-Committee on raising of Retirement age and Right to Service Act

 Circular No.52/GMC2/2011/Fin

 09/08/2011Loans and Advances- Monitoring of recovery: Instructions issued
 11/08/2011KSR-Grant of-Paternity Leave to serving male employees-Guidelines

 GO(P) No.345/ 2011/ Fin

 12/08/2011Pension/Family Pension of University Employees-Revised

 GO(P) No.6345 /2011/Fin

 16/08/2011Ramzan & Onam; Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances

 GO(P) No. 370 / 2011/Fin

 27/08/2011Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance 2011 to Govt.Employees/ Pensioners-Sanctioned


 27/08/2011Onam Advance to Govt.Employees sanctioned

 G.O(Ms)No.373/2011/ Fin 

 27/08/2011Onam Advance to Part Time Contingent Employees Etc Sanctioned 

 GO(P)No.372/2011/ Fin  

 27/08/2011Ad hoc Bonus/Special Festival Allowance to Part Time Contingent Employees-Modified


01/09/2011Public Sector Undertakings-Special Festival Allowance

 GO(P) No.379/2011/Fin

 02/09/2011Delegation of Financial Powers to Executive/Supt./ Chief Engineers- Modified


 02/09/2011Special Allowance to Physically Challenged Employees of Public Sector Undertakings-Revised

 GO(P)No.381/2011/ Fin

 06/09/2011Group Insurance Scheme- Rate of Subscription Revised

 Circular No.57/2011/ Fin 

 07/09/2011House Building Advance-Seniority List and Eligibility List- Published
 Circular No.58/2011/Fin  07/09/2011. Recovering Charges imposed by the Director, LFAD-Procedures to be followed
 Circular No.59/ 2011/Fin
 07/09/2011.  Audit under Local Fund Act; Procedures to be followed in the Audit
 GO(P)No.389/2011/Fin   15/09/2011Pension Revision of pre 01/07/2009 pensioners; Clarifications issued
 GO(P)No.404/2011/ Fin    24/09/2011Special Conveyance Allowance-Admissibility during Special Casual Leave
 GO(P)No. 402/2011/Fin   23/09/2011Disbursement of Personal  Entitlements of Employees through Banks
 GO(Ms) No 396/2011/(156)/Fin  22-09-2011Revision of Scale of Pay-Private Homoeopathic Medical Colleges under Direct Payment Scheme-Teaching Staff-Date of Effect Modified
 GO(P)No. 405/2011/Fin  26/09/2011. Part-Time Contingent Employees- Pension and related benefits-Revised
 GO(P)No.407/2011/Fin  26/09/2011.  Kerala Service Rules Monetary Limits Revised
 GO(Ms)No.414/2011/Fin   01/10/2011Unification of Date of Superannuation-Review-Cabinet Sub-Committee Constituted
 GO(P)No.413 /2011/(15)/Fin   01/10/2011. Pay Revision 2009  Re-option permitted
 GO(P)No.412/2011/Fin  30/09/2011.Appointment and regularisation of Casual Sweepers in PSUs/Boards/ Autonomous Institutions-Guidelines
 GO(P)No.419/2011/ Fin   04/10/2011 Drawal/Refund of Temporary Advance-Levy of Interest
 GO(P)No 454/2011/Fin   19/10/2011KSR-Combination of Appointments-Payment of Special Allowance
  GO(P) No.450 /2011/Fin   18/10/2011General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules; Withdrawal from the Fund
 GO(P)No.478/2011 /Fin   24/10/2011 Eligibility for Family pension to parents and unmarried daughters above 25 years-Orders Modified
 31/10/2011Part-time Contingent Employees- Revision of pension-clarification
 GO(P)No.504/2011/ Fin    04/11/2011Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for 2012
  Circular No.77/2011/Fin 
 02/11/2011Disbursement of pensionary  benefits on the date of retirement; Instructions issued
 GO(P) No.450 /2011/Fin   18/10/2011General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules; Withdrawal from the Fund
 GO(P)No 454/2011/Fin   19/10/2011KSR-Combination of Appointments-Payment of Special Allowance
 GO(Rt)No.7280/11/Fin   30/09/2011.  Disbursement of Journalists' pension through TSB; Sanction to open Account
 Circular No.84/2011/Fin  02/12/2011HBA-Combined State wise Eligibility  List  2011-12; Second batch-Published
 GO(P) No.594 /2011/Fin  13/12/ 2011. Settlement of Pensionary claims in man missing cases-Orders Modified
 GO(P)No.593/2011/Fin   13/12/ 2011.Early disbursement of Pay and Allowances & Pension in connection with Christmas
 GO(Ms)No.417/2011/Fin 03/10/2011 Disbursement of Allowance/ Bonus through TSB to the Agents of National Savings Scheme 
 Circular No 75/2011/Fin  29/10/2011 Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the Financial year 2011-12
 Circular No.91085/SS2/2011/Fin  20/12/2011  Online filing of statement on property -  Guidelines issued
 Circular No.86/2011/Fin  12/12/2011 Child Care Allowance to Women employees-Details called for
 GO(P)No.592/ 2011/ Fin   12/12/2011. Group Insurance Scheme - Procedure for accounting the transactions
 GO(P)No.593/2011/Fin Dated
 13/12/ 2011.Early release of pay and allowances and pension in connection with Christmas


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