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Wednesday, 05 January 2011 16:27


Government Order Number                                     


             'P' Series - 2011
 G.O (P)No.04/2011/Fin 03/01/2011

Employees Leaving the Country for Visiting Children - Guidelines Issued

 G.O (P)No.11/2011/Fin05/01/2011

Voluntary retirement and Invalid Pension - Allowance of weightage on unification of date of retirement - Orders issued.

 G.O (P) No.15/11/Fin 05/01/2011Pay Revision 2004-Fixation of pay in the revised scales-Reckoning of personal pay  
 G.O (P) No.26/2011/Fin12/01/2011 
 GO(P) No.35/(172)/Fin/11 17/01/2011Pay Revision 2004 - UGC/AICTE Scheme - Merger of 50% of DA - Further orders issued  
 G.O (P)No.37/2011/Fin 18/01/2011

Allowance - Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and to the Teachers Coming Under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes - with effect from 01/07/2010 - Revision -  Orders issued.

 G.O (P) No.50/2011/Fin22/01/2011 
 G.O (P)No.52/2011/Fin24/01/2011 
 G.O (P)No.56/2011/Fin28/01/2011

Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme - Extension of time limit for joining the Scheme - Orders issued.

 G.O (P)No.64/2011/Fin02/02/2011 
 G.O (P)No.79/2011/Fin 23/02/2011
Kerala Budget Manual - Third Edition (First Reprint) - Amendment to Appendix 15 Para 2 - Orders issued.  
 G.O (P)No.84/2011/Fin
Treasury Savings Bank Accounts - Minimum running balance in different Treasury Savings Bank Accounts - Unified - Orders issued.  
 G.O (P) No.85/2011/Fin 26/02/2011  
 G.O (P) No.86/2011/Fin
26/02/2011Revision of Pay and Allowances of University employees of the State - Recommendations of the 9th Pay Revision Commission – Implementation of orders issued.
 G.O (P) No.87/2011/Fin 28/02/2011 

Pension - Revision of Pension and other related benefits consequent on revision of Pay Scales from 01/07/2009 in accordance with the recommendation of the 9th Pay Revision Commission - Orders issued  

 G.O (P)No.90/2011/Fin
Economy in Expenditure - Purchase of new mobile phone handsets at Government cost - restricted - Orders issued.  
 G.O (P)No.123/2011/Fin  16/03/2011
Group Insurance Scheme - Extended table of benefits to the Group Insurance Scheme

( A typo in the number of the order  uploaded earlier has been corrected later) 

  GO(P) No.126/2011/Fin
 19/03/2011Local Self Government Institutions - Funds for Expansion and Development - Procedure for Transfer of Grants to local Governments under the Recommendations of the 13th Finance commission - Orders Issued 
 G.O (P)No.154/2011/Fin 02/04/2011
Pension - Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of employees consequent on revision of pay scales from 01/07/2009 - Modification - Orders issued.  
 G.O (P) No.180/2011/Fin
Pay and allowances of April 2011and pension and family Pension for May 2011-Early disbursement in connection with Easter and Vishu -Sanctioned  
  GO(P) No.193/(175)/2011/Fin27/04/2011
Pay Revision 2004 - Government Quarters occupied by AIS Officers - Rate of rent recovery - Modified - Orders Issued  
 GO(P)No.195/2011(1)/Fin 28/04/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Anomaly-Reckoning of prior service for Weightage -Modified Orders issued
 GO(P) No.199/2011/Fin
Casual Sweepers-Remuneration-Enhancement of Rates
 GO(P) No.202/2011/Fin
Engineering Cadre under Local Self Government Department-Posts originally created in Municipal Corporations,Municipalities and Panchayats-Procedures for effecting the deductions from General Purpose Fund to recoup the expenditure incurred for the salary payment  
Public Services-Appointment of Employees on Daily Wages-Enhancement of Daily Wages in respect of various categories
 GO(P) No.210/2011/Fin06/05/2011
Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and to the Teachers coming under UGC/AICTE/MES-Dearness Relief to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/MES and those drawing Dearness Relief at Central Rates with effect from 01.01.2011-Modification Erratum
 GO(P) No.211/2011/Fin
Pension-Revision of Pension and Family Pension to those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Scheme
 GO(P) No.250/2011/Fin
Disbursement of Journalist Pension through Treasury Savings Bank
 GO(P) No.264/2011/Fin
Public Service-Appointment of Data Entry Operator and Computer Operator/Junior Programmer on daily wage basis-Enhancement of wages
 GO(P) No.271/2011/Fin 27/06/2011 

Leave Rules-Officers appointed for limited periods and who are governed by Leave rules under Appendix VIII, KSRs-Extending the benefits of Casual Leave 

 GO(P) No.272/2011/Fin
Local Self Government Institutions-Components of 13th Finance Commission Award and World Bank Assisted Kerala  Local Government and Service Delivery Project (KLGSDP) under Funds for Expansion and Development-Opening of Deposit Account in the State's Public Account     
 GO(P) No.288/2011/Fin 
Budget Estimates 2011-12-Funds for Expansion and Development-Allocation of 1st instalment of Grant under 13th Finance Commission recommendations to Local Self Government Institutions-Transfer-credit from Consolidated Fund to Public Account and release therefrom through Treasury Intranet 
 GO(P) No.326/2011/Fin
 02/08/2011Eligibility for Family Pension to parents & unmarried daughters above 25 years of age- Enhancement in income limit
  GO(P) No.327/2011/(5)/Fin 03/08/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Drawal of City Compensatory Allowance - Kollam and Thrissur Corporations - Modification  
 GO(P) No.330/2011/Fin 03/08/2011Revision of daily wages of HR/CLR workers in Public Works Department and Water Resources Department.  
 GO(P) No.333/2011/Fin 06/08/2011KSR-Grant of Special Casual Leave for the employed parents of physically/mentally challenged children-Guidelines
 GO(P) No.334/2011/Fin
 06/08/2011KSR-Special Casual Leave to undergo Chemotherapy or Radiation and Kidney Transplantation-Detailed Guidelines
  GO(P)No.339/2011/(7)/Fin 09/08/2011 Pay Revision 2009- Secretariat Service - Scale of pay of the post of Attender in Finance Secretariat and Legislature Secretariat - Modified  
 GO(P) No.342/2011/Fin
 11/08/2011KSR-Grant of-Paternity Leave to serving male employees-Guidelines  
  GO(P) No.343/2011/Fin 11/08/2011 KSR Part III - Service put in by an employee in one University and subsequently joined another University as fresh appointment - Reckoning for pension  
 GO(P) No.345/11/Fin
 GO(P) No.364/2011/Fin
 25/08/2011Dearness Allowance Arrears-Crediting to provident fund accounts-time limit extended  
 GO(P) No.366/2011/(10)/Fin 26/08/2011Pay Revision 2009 -Scales of Pay-Various Departments- Erratum-Orders issued.  
  GO(P)No.370/2011/Fin  27/08/2011 Adhoc Bonus and Special Festival Allowance 2010-11 
 GO(P) No.374/2011/(13)/Fin
 GO(P) No.378/11/Fin
 02/09/2011Special Festival Allowance 2010-11 to part time contingent family pensioners-modified  
 GO(P) No.379/2011/Fin 
Delegation of financial powers to Executive Engineers/Superintending Engineers and Chief Engineers of Public Works/Irrigation/Harbour Engineering Departments and other Engineering Departments - Acceptances of tender excess and sanction of Revised Estimate- Orders Issued 
  GO(P)No.380/2011/Fin  02/09/2011Special Allowance to Physically Challenged Employees of Public Sector Undertakings-Revised 
 GO(P) No.381/2011/Fin
 GO(P) No.389/2011/Fin
 15/09/2011Revision of Pension of pre -01.07.2009 Pensioners-anomaly in fixing pension-clarification-orders-issued. 
 GO(P) No.402/2011/Fin
 23/09/2011Disbursement of personal entitlements of employees including Self Drawing Officers of all Government Departments through Banks - Sanctioned 
 GO(P) No.404/2011/Fin
 24/09/2011Special Conveyance Allowance Admissibility during Special Casual Leave 
 GO(P) No.405/2011/Fin
 26/09/2011Pension - Revision of pension and other related benefits - in respect of part-time contingent employees - orders issued. 
 GO(P) No.407/2011/Fin
 26/09/2011Kerala Service Rules - Rule 90A, 93 and 103 of Part I and Appendix VII of Kerala Service Rules - Monetary Limits - Revised - Orders Issued. 
  GO(P) No 412/2011/Fin
 30/09/2011Guidelines for regularisation of existing eligible casual sweepers and appointments against future arising vacancies of sweepers in State PSUS,Boards,Autonomous Institutions etc  
 GO(P) No.413/2011/(15)/Fin
 01/10/2011Pay Revision  2009 - Option exercised on promotion in pre-revised scale under Rule 28 A Part I KSRs - Re-option - Orders issued.  
  GO(P) No.419/2011/Fin
 04/10/2011Temporary Advance - Drawal of Temporary Advance and Delayed Refund of Excess advance - Levy of Interest - Revised - Orders issued.  
  GO(P) No.445/2011/(179)/Fin  17/10/2011Pay Revision 2004-Sanction of Higher Grade to LP/UP School Headmasters-Modified  
 GO(P) No.450 /2011/Fin  
 18/10/2011General Provident Fund(Kerala)Rules; Withdrawal from the Fund  
 GO(P)No 454/2011/Fin  19/10/2011KSR-Combination of Appointments-Payment of Special Allowance
 GO(P) No. 456/2011/(16)/Fin19/10/2011Pay Revision 2009-Exercise of Option on promotion-Note below Para 7(3) Annexure II-Modification  
 GO(P)No.478/2011 /Fin24/10/2011 Eligibility for Family pension to parents and unmarried daughters above 25 years-Orders Modified 
 GO(P)No.495/2011/Fin 31/10/2011
Part-time Contingent Employees- Revision of pension-clarification 
 GO(P)No.504/2011/ Fin   04/11/2011 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme for 2012 
 GO(P)No.523/2011/(19)/Fin  10/11/2011Pay Revision 2009 - Principles of Option - Clause (f) and (g)  below Para 26 Annexure II - Modification - Orders issued.  
 GO(P) No.535/2011/Fin
 14/11/2011 7%  Hike in DA/DR - Orders issued.  
 18/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Modification of Designation
  GO(P) No 555/2011/Fin
 19/11/2011Addition of  "Kerala Veterinary and Animal Sciences University" to the Schedule to Provident Funds Act, 1925  
  GO(P)No.574/2011/(28)/ Fin   28/11/2011Pay Revision 2009-State Govt.Employees working in New Delhi-Educational allowance-Guidelines 
  GO(P)No.580/2011/ (25)/Fin  29/11/2011Pay Revision 2009;Public Health Laboratory-Scale of pay of Medical Officers-Modified 
  GO(P)No 581/2011/(26)/Fin   29/11/2011Pay Revision 2009;Health Services Department-Designation of Medical Officers-Modified 
  GO(P)No 582/2011/(27)/ Fin   29/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009;Health Services Department-Pay and Allowances of Medical Officers -Modified  
  GO(P) No.592/2011/Fin
 12/12/2011Group Insurance Scheme - Accounting Procedure - GIS to the Employees of Universities, Public Sector Undertakings and other Autonomous Institutions - Orders issued.  
  GO(P) No.593/11/Fin
 13/12/2011Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances of December 2011 and pension and Family Pension for January 2012-Orders issued. 
  GO(P) No.594/2011/Fin
 13/12/2011Settlement of claims in respect of man missing cases - Further modification - Orders issued.  
  GO(P)No.596/2011/(31)/Fin 15/12/2011
 Pay Revision 2009-Rules for fixation of pay-further clarifications  
          'Ms'  Series - 2011
 GO (Ms) No.3/11/Fin
Treasury Fixed Deposit-Allowing the benefit to the Senior Citizen facility to the joint Accounts in which one account holder is senior citizen 
  G.O (Ms)No.83/2011/Fin 25/02/2011Economy in Expenditure - Combined Ceiling on Official Residential Telephone, mobile phone and Broad Band charges of Secretaries to Government - Sanctioned - Orders issued.  
  G.O (Ms)No.109/2011/Fin 09/03/2011Finance Department - I st Report of the Fourth State Finance Commission - Recommendations on reviving the recommendations of the previous three State Finance Commissions, Own resource mobalization of Local Governments and Borrowings, PPP Projects and Bonds-Examination of - Sub Committee Constituted - Orders issued. 
  G.O (Ms)No.136/2011/Fin   24/03/2011Loans and Advances sanctioned to state Government Employees - Recovery during April 2011 postponed 
  G.O(Ms)No.175/2011/Fin  07/04/2011 Special Remuneration to the driver on daily wages attached with the Officer on Special Duty (FR) in Finance Department-Extension of Special benefit 
  G.O (Ms) No.230/2011/Fin
 19/05/2011Local Fund Audit Department-Exempting Amalgamated fund from the liability of payment of audit charge  
  GO(Ms)No.240/2011(2)/Fin 24/05/2011  Pay Revision 2009-Post of Garden Supervisor-General Administration Department-Incorporated  
  GO(Ms) No.263/(176)/2011/Fin
 17/06/2011Pay Revision 2004 - Medical Education Department - Scale of Pay of Clinical Psychologists - Modification - Sanctioned  
  GO(Ms)No 273/2011/Fin
 28/06/2011 Government Commercial Departments/Undertakings and Irrigation Schemes -Rate of interest  on Capital outlay and Depreciation Reserve Funds for the year 2010-11  
  GO(Ms) No.323/2011/Fin 29/07/2011Treasury Deposit-Opening of Personal Deposit Account in Educational Institutions-Sanctioned
  GO(Ms)No.328/ 2011/(6)/Fin 03/08/2011
 Pay Revision 2009-Insurance Medical Services Dept-Common Special Allowance to Medical Officers-Modification 
  GO(Ms)No.344/(177)                                     /2011/Fin 12/08/2011 Pay Revision 2004-Special Allowance-Modification -Orders issued 
  GO(Ms) No.367/2011/(11)/Fin 26/08/2011 Pay Revision 2009- General Education Department & Police Department- Modification of foot note-Orders issued.  
  GO(Ms) No.368/2011/(12)/Fin 26/08/2011 Pay Revision 2009- Lok Ayukta- Scale of Pay- Post of Typist Grade II and Duplicator Operator- Modified- Orders issued 
  GO(Ms) No.377/11/Fin 01/09/2011 Special Festival Allowance to Employees of Public Sector Undertakings for 2011-2012-Orders -Issued 
  GO(Ms) No.383/2011/(14)/Fin12/09/2011
 Pay Revision 2009-Industries and Commerce Department-Revision of scale of pay of Senior Co-Operative Inspector/Sr. Supervisor(Handloom)/Sr. Coir Inspector/Liquidation Inspector-Coir(Special grade)-Included  
  GO(Ms) No.387/2011/Fin 14/09/2011Securitisation of principal and interest potion of existing House Loan Portfolio- Repayment- Monthly instsalments- payment for the month of September 2011- Sanctioned  
 GO(Ms) No.396/2011/(156)/Fin
 22/09/2011Revision of Scale of Pay-Private Homoeopathic Medical Colleges under Direct Payment Scheme-Teaching Staff-Date of Effect Modified 
 GO(Ms) No.7151 /(178)/11/Fin
 GO(Ms) No.414/2011/Fin
 01/10/2011Constitution of Cabinet Sub-Committee for reviewing unification of date of superannuation of Government Employees and Teachers and implementation of Right to Service Act. 
 GO (Ms)  No.447/2011/Fin
17/10/2011XIII Finance Commission - State Disaster Response Fund Rules - Orders issued.  
 GO (Ms) No.457/2011/Fin
 19/10/2011Pay Revision 2009-Uniform Allowance-Erratum 
 GO(Ms)No.524/2011/(20)/Fin 10/11/2011Pay Revision 2009 - Secretariat Service - Scale of Pay of the post of Binder Grade II and Binder Grade I- Modified - Orders issued.  
  GO(Ms) No.540/2011/Fin
 15/11/2011Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan Portfolio - Repayment - Monthly instalments - Payment for the month of November 2011 - sanctioned - Orders issued. 
  G O (Ms)No.553/2011(22)/Fin
 18/11/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Scale of Pay of Chauffeur Gr II and Head Chauffeur and Uniform Allowance  
 21/11/2011 CMDRF-Introduction of Electronic Money Transfer facility
  GO(Ms) No.565/2011/Fin
 23/11/2011Release of  Rs.9,89,13,000/- to Kerala Financial Corporation - provided as equity - Sanctioned - Orders issued.  
 GO(Ms) No.567/2011/(23)/Fin
Pay Revision 2009 - Health Services Department - Medical Officers - Special Pay in pre-revised scale - Modification - Orders issued.  
  GO(Ms) No.568/2011/(24)/Fin23/11/2011
Pay Revision 2009 - Insurance Medical Services Department - Medical Officers (Allopathy) - Special Pay in pre-revised scale - Modification - Orders issued.  
 GO(Ms) No.584/2011/(29)/Fin
01/12/2011Pay Revision 2009 Health Services Department Medical Officers Special Allowance Included 
  GO(Ms) No.585/2011/(30)/Fin
 01/12/2011Pay Revision 2009 Ayurveda Medical Education Department Staff Nurse(Allopathy)scale of pay Modified 
  GO(MS) No.590/2011/Fin
 08/12/2011Kerala State Entrepreneur Development Mission - Sanction to implement the scheme - Orders issued.  
  GO(MS) No.597/2011/Fin 15/12/2011 Securitisation of principal and interest portion of existing House Loan-Payment for December 2011  
  GO(MS) No.613/2011/Fin 19/12/2011 Accommodation outside Kerala House ,New Delhi for AIS Officers
 19/12/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Office of the Advocate General-Common category of posts-Deleted
 21/12/2011 Pay Revision 2009 Judiciary Department scale of pay of Deputy Nazir &Kannada Translator Modified
 23/12/2011 Kerala State Entrepreneur Development Mission-Constitution of Apex Committee and District Level Monitoring Committees
  GO(Ms)No.630/2011/(34)/Fin  27/12/2011 Pay Revision 2009-Police Department-Rectification of errors in foot note regarding ratio promotions  
 27/12/2011 Commission Charges on Railway Warrants-Revision of Rates  
           ' Rt' Series
     G.O (Rt)No.339/2011/Fin 14/01/2011Special Development Fund for MLAs - Additional Allocation for Renovation of Roads - Sanctioned - Orders issued. 
   G.O (Rt)No.448/2011/Fin
 20/01/2011 Demand for Grants and Detailed Budget Estimates of Receipts and Disbursements under Debt Heads 2010-11 - new heads of account under the major head 2049 and 8011 - to facilitate transactions on account of the newly introduced insurance schemes viz, Dhana Varsha and Dhana Samrudhi for Government Employees, teachers, employees of Public Sector Undertakings, Aided Educational Institutions and all other Govt. Institutions including Co-operative Institutions - Opened - Orders issued 
     G.O (Rt)No.514/2011/Fin 22/01/2011 Pay Revision commission 2010 - Revision of Officers to parent department - Orders issued. 
     G.O(Rt)No.3850/2011/Fin 25/04/2011 Finance inspection (Technical Wing)-Submission of Reports to the Chief Technical Examiner Deemed inoperation of GO issued by PWD   
     GO(Rt) No.3881/2011/Fin
 27/04/2011Training Centre-Introductory Course on Accountancy Formation of Academic Committee 
  GO(Rt) No.5209/2011/Fin
 24/0620119th Pay Revision - Judgment of Hon'ble High Court of Kerala in WP(C) No.8690/2011(1) dated 25.03.2011 filed by Dr. S.Anilkumar - Complied with -Orders Issued
     GO(Rt) No.5528/2011/Fin 12/07/2011 Special Development Fund for MLAs-Allotment of funds for 2011-12-Release of first instalment   
     GO(Rt) No.5937/2011/Fin 01/08/2011
 Finance Department-Setting up of complaint mechanism to deal with the complaints on sexual harassment against working women-Committee Reconstituted 
     GO(Rt) No.6006/2011/Fin  03/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-12 - Public Works - Authorisation of Additional Expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '5054-Capital outlay on Roads and Bridges'  
     GO(Rt) No.6080/2011/Fin 05/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-12-Demand No XV-Public Works-Authorisation of Additional Expenditure under the Major heads of Account '3054-Roads and Bridges','5054-Capital outlay on Roads and Bridges'-Sanctioned 
     GO(Rt) No.6160/2011/Fin 06/08/2011
 Special Development Fund for MLAs-Additional allocation for up-gradation of roads-Release of funds-Sanctioned 
     GO(Rt) No.6148/2011/Fin 06/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Demand No.XVIII-Medical and Public Health-Authorisation of additional expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '4210-Capital Outlay on Medical and Public Health'-Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.6149/2011/Fin 06/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Authorisation of additional expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '2059 Public Works'-Sanctioned 
    GO(Rt) No.6163/2011/Fin 06/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Demand No XVIII  - Authorisation of Additional Expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '4210-Capital Outlay on Medical and Public Health' - Sanctioned 
    GO(Rt) No.6215/2011/Fin 09/08/2011
 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-demand No XVIII-Medical and Public Health - Authorisation of Additional Expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '4210-Capital Outlay on Medical and Public Health'-Sanctioned  
     GO(Rt) No.6216/2011/Fin 09/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Demand No XVIII-Medical and Public Health-Authorisation of additional Expenditure under the Major Head(s) of Account '4210-Capital Outlay on Medical and Public Health'-Sanctioned 
    GO(Rt) No.6270/2011/Fin 11/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Demand No XV- Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure under '3054 - Roads and Bridges' - Sanctioned 
    GO(Rt) No.6511/2011/Fin  23/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Re-appropriation of Funds- Transport- Inland Water Transport-Sanctioned-Orders issued.  
    GO(Rt) No.6553/2011/Fin 24/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Transport- Authorisation of Additional Expenditure -Capital Outlay on Other Transport Services-Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.6703/2011/Fin 31/08/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Public Works- Authorisation of Additional Expenditure-Capital Outlay on Public Works-Sanctioned   
    GO(Rt) No.6765/2011/Fin 02/09/2011
 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Public Works- Authorisation of Additional Expenditure-Roads and Bridges-Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.6828/2011/Fin 03/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Public Works- Authorisation of Additional Expenditure-Roads and Bridges-Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges-Sanctioned  
  GO(Rt) No.6831/2011/Fin 03/09/2011 Budget Estimates - Medical and Public Health - Authorisation of Additional Expenditure - Capital Outlay on Medical and Public Health - Sanctioned   
    GO(Rt) No.6833/2011/Fin 05/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Public Works-Authorisation of additional expenditure-Roads and Bridges-Sanctioned
  Go (Rt) No.6843/2011/Fin
 05/09/2011Pay Revision 2009 - Revision of scale of pay of the post of Director of Public Relations & Publications in Cochin University of Science and Technology - Modification - Orders Issued.  
    GO(Rt) No.6882/2011/Fin 07/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Public Works-Authorisation of additional expenditure-Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges-Sanctioned   
 12/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Public Works -Authorisation of additional expenditure-Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges-Sanctioned.  
    GO(Rt) No.6935/2011/Fin
 12/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Capital Outlay on Public Works - Sanctioned 
  GO(Rt) No.6958/2011/Fin 12/09/2011Budget Estimates 2011-2012-Pension and Miscellaneous-Authorisation of additional expenditure-Miscellaneous General Services-Sanctioned   
     GO(Rt) No.7000/2011/Fin 15/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012- Transport- Authorisation of additional expenditure-Capital Outlay on Civil Aviation-Sanctioned   
     GO(Rt) NO.7013/2011/Fin
 15/09/2011Banking arrangement in Autonomous /Statutory bodies-Availing banking services from Private Sector Banks  
    GO(Rt) No. 7100/2011/Fin 20/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure -Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges - Sanctioned.  
    GO(Rt) No. 7114/2011/Fin 20/09/2011 Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges - Sanctioned.   
   GO(Rt) No.7136/2011/Fin
 23/09/2011Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Medical and Public Health - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.7159/2011/Fin
 23/09/2011Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Medical and Public Health - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.7179/2011/Fin
 23/09/2011Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges - Sanctioned  
    GO(Rt) No.7194/2011/Fin
 26/09/2011Budget Estimates 2011-2012 - Public Works - Authorisation of additional expenditure - Capital Outlay on Roads and Bridges - Sanctioned  
   GO(Rt) No.7207/2011/Fin
 26/09/2011 Online data accessibility to organizations and researchers - Appointment of Administrator of the website of Finance (State Finance Commission Cell) Department - Partitioning/sharing of existing website for uploading the data and for periodical data entry - Sanctioned - Orders Issued   
    GO(Rt) No 7243/2011/Fin 28/09/2011Kerala State Mental Health Authority - District Mental Health Programme - Opening of Bank Account - Sanctioned   
    GO(Rt) No.7272/2011/Fin
      GO(Rt) No.7280/2011/Fin

     GO(Rt) No.7291/2011/Fin
 30/09/2011Budget estimates 2011-2012 - Medical and Public Health - Authorisation of additional expenditure-Sanctioned 
     GO(Rt) No.7312/2011/Fin
     GO(Rt) No.7328/2011/Fin
 01/10/2011Budget Estimates 2011-12 Demand No XVI Pension and Miscellaneous authorisation of additional expenditure 
     GO(Rt)  No.7686/2011/Fin 18/10/2011Modification of the existing software of SFC - Entrusting the work with M/s Keltron ITBG -Sanction accorded - Orders issued. 
     GO(Rt) No.7958/2011/Fin
 28/10/2011Purchase of two servers for website management in Finance (IT-SF) Department through open tender - Administrative Sanction accorded - Orders issued.  
 GO(Rt) No.8879/2011/Fin
 02/12/2011NABARD assisted RIDF Scheme - Expenditure incurred by Idulkki District Panchayat on NABARD assisted Works - Reimbursement of Short Release - Sanctioned.  
  GO(Rt) No.8912/2011/Fin
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