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G.O Number                                
G.O Date 


 G.O (P)No.723/1964/PD19/10/1964

Financial Control - Rules and procedure - observance of - constitution of an Inspection Wing in the Finance Department - further orders - issued

 G.O (P)No.249/1984/Fin09/05/1984
 G.O (P)No.408/1984/Fin16/08/1984

Pension - Payment of arrears of pension - Revised procedure - Orders issued

 G.O (P)No.234/1989/Fin04/05/1989

Special Casual Leave for Voluntary Blood Donation - Orders - Issued.

 G.O (P)No.480/1989/Fin
01/11/1989Fifth Pay Commission - Pay Revision Order 
 G.O (P)No.445/1990/Fin 23/08/1990

Allowance - Grant of conveyance allowance to employees suffering from Spinal Deformity - Orders issued.

 G.O (P)No.101/1991/Fin02/02/1991

Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Employees - Re-classification of the Allowance as 'Special Allowance to Physically Handicapped Employees' - Drawal of the Allowance along with Salary - Orders issued.

 G.O (P)No.711/1991/Fin10/12/1991

Conveyance Allowance to Physically Handicapped Employees - Drawal of Arrears of Allowance along with Salary - Clarification - Orders issued.

  GO(P)No.388/92/Fin  06/05/1992 Duties and Powers of Financial Assistants and Finance Officers
 GO(P) No 63/92/Fin
Ways and Means position of the State Government - Measures to overcome the existing financial difficulties - Enforcement of certain new economy measures-Ordered
 G.O (P)No.506/1992/Fin20/08/1992

Finance Inspection Wing (Technical & Non Technical) - Prompt follow up action on the enquiry reports submitted by the wing - Instructions - Issued

 G.O (Ms)No.376/1996/Fin03/05/1996

Finance Department - Establishment - Redesignation of District Loan Reconciliation Squads - Assignment of new work - Orders issued

 G.O (Ms)No.464/1996/Fin25/06/1996

Finance Department - District Finance Inspection Squad - Assignment of works - Detailed instructions - Orders Issued

 G.O (P)No.2981/1998/Fin25/11/1998

Finance Inspection Wing (Technical & Non-Technical) - Prompt follow up action on the enquiry reports submitted by the wing - Further instructions - Issued

 G.O (P)No.1610/1999/Fin22/07/1999

Advance - House Construction Advance to Government Employees - Additional Loan from Recognised Financial Institutions - Creation of Second Mortgage - Enhancement of limit - Sanctioned - Orders - Issued

 G.O (P)No.224/2000/Fin27/01/2000
 G.O (P) No.819/2000/Fin18/04/2000

Insurance - Third Party Insurance for Government Vehicles - Modification - Orders issued

 G.O (P)No.1035/2000/Fin 19/07/2000
 G.O (P)No.1213/2000/Fin12/10/2000

Finance (Inspection - NT) Department - Inspection to prevent the misuse of Govt. Vehicles - Orders Issued

 G.O (P)No.1234/2001/Fin29/10/2001

Finance Department - Special Development Fund for MLAs - Guidelines on scheme, concept, implementation and monitoring - Sanctioned - Orders Issued

 G.O (P)No.233/2002/Fin17/04/2002

Economy in Government Expenditure - Expenditure saving measure in Government Offices and Buildings - Orders Issued

 G.O (Ms)No.299/2002/Fin15/05/2002

Finance Department - Delegation/ Enhancement of Financial Powers pf the Administrative Department of the Secretariat and Heads of Departments on the basis Third Report of Kerala Administrative Reforms Committee - Sanctioned - Orders Issued

 G.O (Ms)No.564/2002/Fin20/09/2002

Finance Department - Delegation/Enhancement of Financial Powers to various Officers of Public Relations Department - Sanctioned - Orders Issued

 G.O (P)No.703/2002/Fin 12/11/2002

Pension - Reckoning of prior service under Central Govt./ Central Public Sector Undertakings put in by State Govt. Employees - Orders Issued

 G.O (P)No.744/2002/Fin04/12/2002

New House Construction Advance Scheme for Government Employees in Association with Bank - Sanctioned - Orders Issued 

 G.O (P)No.829/2001/Fin19/06/2001


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