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 30/12/2016 Budget Wing D2016-2017 - Proposals – Called for – Instructions issued.
95/2016/Fin  28/12/2016   Inspection- NT D
Furnishing of Utilization Certificate, Reconciliation of Departmental figures, speedy clearance of pending Audit Paras and PAC Recommendations -strict compliance of instructions
 23/11/2016  BD & GBBill Discount Scheme (BDS)- Instructions on settling the account of bills opted for Bill Discounting System (BDS)
 23/11/2016 Planning A
Submission of Utilization Certificate to Govt of India - Instructions issued
 21/11/2016 SFC Cell-AReconciliation of Local Government Accounts with Treasury data
89/2016/FIN 18/11/2016  Inspection- Technical-Wing Construction of Temporary steel Roof Structures and other related works- Lacunae noted- Circular issued
88/2016/FIN 18/11/2016  Inspection- Technical-Wing Use of standard cement and steel in public works in. various Govt. Dept. 's/PSUs/Autonomous Bodies, Agencies accredited by Govt. for entrusting works
 18/11/2016  Inspection- Technical-Wing Estimate preparation for Retaining Walls with DR Masonry - Typical design
 11/11/2016 Budget Wing A60 th Anniversary Celebrations of  Keralappiravi- Implementation of Cabinet Decisions
 31/10/2016 Budget Wing A
Budget 2016-17- Kerala Appropriation (No.2) Act,2016 (Act No.14 of 2016)
 82/2016/Fin 07/10/2016 Planning A
Audit Certification of CSS - Non submission of reconciled Statement of Expenditure (SOE) and vouchers to the Accountant General - Instructions 
 81/2016/Fin 06/10/2016 ITSFSPARK- Deputing authorized officers to SPARK PMU/Help Desk - Instructions issued 
 05/10/2016 HBA
 27/09/2016 ARCPay Revision 2014 - Reversion of Selection Grade Typist to Senior Grade Typist - Fixation of pay - Clarification issued 
 19/09/2016 Inspection-TechnicalExecution of public works - Guidelines on estimate preparation-reg
 77/2016/Fin 09/09/2016 PSA14th Kerala Legislative Assembly - Second Session (26-09-2016 to 10-11-2016) -Allotment of days 
 Nodal Centre B Projects financed under Rural Infrastructure Development Fund of NABARD-Providing State Share-Clarifications
 09/09/2016 Budget Wing D Budget Estimates 2016 -2017–First Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants (SDG) 2016-2017 - Proposals – Called for – Instructions issued
 74/2016/Fin 07/09/2016 Nodal Centre BLegislative Assembly Constituency Development Fund 2016-17-Submitting recommendations of MLAs to Finance Department- Instructions issued 
 73/2016/Fin 01/09/2016  PAC-AFinance Department-Making available the records pertaining to Vigilance /Court cases to Audit without fail
 31/08/2016 Budget Wing J
Local Government Institutions-Utilization of funds devolved-Details of expenditure and Unspent balance called for
 71/2016/Fin 30/08/2016 SFC Cell-A
Disbursement of Social Security Pensions through DCB/PACS -Proper Data entry
 289438- ITSF1-08-2016 23/08/2016 ITSFPublishing Government Orders and Circulars related to Cabinet Decisions in the official website - Instructions issued
 13748/Estt.B2/2006/Fin 18/08/2016 Establishment B
 70/2016/Fin 17/08/2016 Performance Budget
Guidelines for the preparation of Performance Budget 2015-16 & Concurrent Evaluation and Monitoring of Schemes 2016-17 
 12/08/2016 PRC -C
Proposals for sanctioning Pay Revision to Statutory Corporation,Board,etc -Incorporation of check list-Instructions 
 68/2016/Fin 12/08/2016 Budget-ABudget Estimates 2017-2018 - Preparation of - Instructions -Issued
 08/08/2016 SFC Cell-ASocial Security Pensions - Enhancement of the minimum pension - Clarification
 66/2016/Fin 04/08/2016 SFC Cell-A Home Delivery of Social Security Pensions - Survey by the Kudumbashree
 65/2016/Fin 30/07/2016 Budget-A
 64/2016/Fin 30/07/2016 Pension B
Distribution of pension arrears of deceased Pensioners/Family Pensioners -Instructions issued 
 63/2016/Fin 23/07/2016 PAC-AImplementation of Audit Online /Ready Auditor, an enterprise online IT solution for managing the audit process in all Departments 
 21/07/2016 IT SystemsImplementation of e-Office in Finance Department 
 21/07/2016 StreamliningOne Office One DDO System - Claiming of bills without pre-check - Clarification issued 
 60/2016/Fin 20/07/2016

 Inspection- Technical-Wing

Finance (Inspection Wing - Technical & Non Technical) Department - Follow up action on Inspection/Enquiry Reports -reg
 59/2016/Fin 08/07/2016 PRC-AProposals for sanctioning Time Bound Higher Grade-Incorporation of Check list-Instructions 
 58/2016/Fin 27/06/2016 ARCPay revision 2014 - Crediting of salary arrears to Government Account - New head of account opened - Instructions Issued 
 56/2016/Fin 24/06/2016 Budget-FAppropriation Accounts 2015-16 - Finalization - Further Instructions -Issued 
 55/2016/Fin 22/06/2016 Nodal Centre BFinance Department - Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Fund-Processing recommendations of MLAs - Instructions issued
 54/2016/Fin 22/06/2016 Nodal Centre BFinance Department - Legislative Assembly Constituency Development Scheme-Works executed through accredited agencies- Instructions issued 
 17/06/2016 LoansAdvance for the purchase of Mosquito Net and other conveyances 
 No 249241/IT-SF 4/22/2016/Fin
 16/06/2016 ITSFFinance Department-Forwarding documents for publishing in the official website of Kerala Government-Instructions-Issued
 52/2016/Fin 14/06/2016 PSA14th Kerala Legislative Assembly - First Session (24-06-2016 to 19-07-2016) -Allotment of days
 51/2016/Fin 09/06/2016 SSTreasury Transactions-Compensation for acquisition of land-Exception from regulations on treasury transactions-instructions issued
 09/06/2016 Inspection NT-KFinalisation of Finance Accounts and Appropriation of Accounts 2015-16 - Instructions issued
 49/2016/Fin 25/05/2016 PAC-BLegislative Committee for Tabled Papers (2014-16) - Recommendations in 10th Paragraph of 10th Report - Action- Instructions issued 
 20/05/2016 Nodal Centre B
LAC-AD Schemes - Reviewing the implementation and progress of projects - Instructions issued 
 47/2016/Fin 20/05/2016 Streamlining Use of SFMS for sending and receiving letter of Credit and Bank Guarantee Instructions
 46/2016/Fin 19/05/2016 ARCPay Revision 2014- Payment of arrears-Detailed instructions/guidelines issued
 19/05/2016 HBA
 44/2016/Fin 18/05/2015 Streamlining SPARK - Online system for Co-operative recovery from the salaries of employees - Guidelines issued
 17/05/2016 PRUDearness Relief on pension to State Government Pensioners and Family Pensioners including those coming under UGC/AICTE/Medical Education Schemes and those drawing Dearness relief at Cenrtal Rates w.e f 01/01/2016
 42/2016/Fin 06/05/2016 PAC B
Statewide Audit proposed by AG (E&RSA) - Prompt production of all records and documents requisitioned by Audit team - Guidelines issued-reg 
 41/2016/Fin 29/04/2016 IT-SoftwareOnline complaint registering mechanism in SPARK - Implemented -Information 
 40/2016/Fin 28/04/2016 Budget-AFinance Accounts of the State - Preparation and maintaining of Liability Register to identify and record all committed/accrued liabilities - Instructions issued 
 28/04/2016 Budget-AInclusion of Implicit Subsidies in the Finance Accounts -2015-16 
 37/2016/Fin 22/04/2016 Budget-A
 35/2016/Fin 18/04/2016 HBASubmission of application for HBA- Including Statement regarding Employment/Loan details of spouse of the applicant-Instructions issued 
 34/2016/Fin 15/04/2016 Ways & Means IISurrender of Funds in WAMS queue
 Admin C1/142/2015/Fin
 14/04/2016 Administration C
National Savings Department-Accepting National Savings Certificates as security deposit for works-instructions issued
 33/2016/Fin 12/04/2016 Nodal Centre B
Legislative Assembly Constituency Asset Development Fund, 2015-16 - Utilization of remaining fund-Relaxation in time limit -Instructions issued 
 32/2016/Fin 08/04/2016 Planning A
Delay in finalization of audited accounts and submission of annual Auditor's Certificate by Government owned companies - Instructions
 31/2016/Fin 31/03/2016 SS Rushing of Bills/Drawal of Advance towards the close of Financial Year- Instructions Modified
 30/2016 28/03/2016 Budget-ABudget Estimates 2016-17 - Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account) Act, 2016 (Act No.6 of 2016)
 29/2016/Fin 28/03/2016 Budget-FAppropriation Accounts 2015-16 - Finalization - Instructions - Issued 
 26/03/2016 SSFinancial year - Avoidance of - Instructions Modified
 27/2016/Fin 23/03/2016 HBA
 26/2016/Fin 22/03/2016 Nodal Centre CLAC ADS- Maintaining separate Register - Instructions issued 
 25/2016/Fin 21/03/2016 HBAHouse Building Advance - Surrender of House Building Advance - Restriction on further application - Instructions issued
 24/2016/Fin 18/03/2016 Budget-A
 23//2016/Fin 17/03/2016 IT-Systemse-Office- The tappals received in Finance Department - Instructions 
 HBAHBA Scheme to State Government Employees-Extension of date for encashment -Instructions 
 14/03/2016 SSFinancial year - Avoidance of - Instructions issued.
 20/2016/Fin   11/03/2016 ARC Pay Revision 2014- Rectification of Anomalies-Instructions 
 19/2016/Fin 05/03/2016 Expenditure C
Regularization of existing casual sweepers - Fixing  the time limit- Instructions issued 
 18/2016/Fin 02/3/2016 Budget-FBudget Estimates- Expenditure incurred over and above the Budget Estimates without authorisation-Regularisation -Instructions issued 
 17/2016/Fin 02/03/2016 IT-SystemsImplementation of e-office - reissuing of new Digital Signature Certificate - Details called for-reg
 16/2016/Fin 24/02/2016 Inspection Technical
Finance (Inspection Wing - Technical) Department - Submission of reports to the Chief Technical Examiner - Instructions issued
 15/2016/Fin 24/02/2016 Ways & Means II Finance Department - IFMS - Pre-authorisation system - Revalidation of bills/cheques - Procedures
 14/2016/Fin 16/02/2016 Budget-FCommittee on Public Accounts (2014-16)-90th Report - Recommendations - Re-appropriation of funds - Instructions issued 
 13/2016/Fin 15/02/2016 Streamlining
Spark-Direction to use Spark application for the pay fixation of Non-Gazetted Officers       User Manual
 11/02/2016 HBA
House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date for encashment -HBA allotment 2015-16 from Budget Provision 2015-16-Instructions issued 
 11/2016/Fin 10/02/2016 Budget-F
 10/2016/Fin 09/02/2016 BD & GB
Presentation of the List of Payments relating to Bill Discounting System (BDS) by the Divisions and District Treasury Officer, Thiruvananthapuram to the Accountant General - Instructions issued
 09/2016/Fin 08/02/2016 Rules A Kerala Service Rules - Reckoning prior service - Adherence to Rule 22 (c), Part I Kerala Service Rules - Instructions - Issued 
 08/2016/Fin 04/02/2016 Inspection Technical
 07/2016/Fin 04/02/2016 Accounts A
 06/2016/Fin 29/01/2016 Ways & Means II
Submission of ways and means proposals through WAMS software
 05/2016/Fin 25/01/2016 Streamlining
IFMS- One office one DDO System - Including the DDO designation and full official address in the application for GPF Closure/NRA. etc - Instructions issued 
 04/2016/Fin 21/01/2016 PSA
 02/2016/Fin 08/01/2016
 Planning B
Meeting of Special Working Group (SWG) - Processing of Proposals - Further Instructions- issued 
 08/01/2016 Rules B