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  96/2015/Fin 31/12/2015 Submission of Ways and Means proposal through WAMS
  93/2015/Fin 09/12/2015Budget Estimates 2015-2016 - Final Batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2015-2016- Proposals-Instructions issued 
 08/12/2015Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tox Deduction from Salaries during the Financial year201 5-16 under Section 192 of the Income -Tax Act 1961.
  91/2015/Fin 23/11/2015Cheque drawing Departments-Expenditure on wages, electricity charges, water charges,
RRT etc. in respect of schemes/projects- Excluding from Letter of Credit System –
instructions- issued.
 21/11/2015Misuse of Indian Currency Notes - Instructions issued
  89/2015/Fin 20/11/2015Finance Department-Tax Deduction at Source - Deduction of advance tax component from Salary - Detailed statement of anticipatory income called for 
  88/2015/Fin 17/11/2015
  87/2015/Fin 17/11/2015One Office One DDO System - Clarification issued 
  85/2015/Fin 30/09/2015
  84/2015/Fin 23/09/2015House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees 2015-16 - Combined State wise Seniority List - Published
  83/2015/Fin 22/09/2015Finalization of Annual Accounts of PSUs - Instructions issued 
 15/09/2015House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date of encashment of 4th batch allotment 2014-15 from Budget Provision 2015-16 - Instructions issued 
  79/2015/Fin 08/09/2015Preparation of Budget Estimates 2016-17 and Revised Estimates 2015-16 - Pay particulars of SDOs - Details called for 
  77/2015/Fin 21/08/2015Public Policy Research Institute - Supply of data and infrastructural facilities for the research activities of the institute - instructions -reg
 19/08/2015Publishing documents in the official website of Finance Department-Instructions issued 
  75/2015/Fin 17/08/2015
 11/08/2015Centrally Sponsored Schemes 2015-16 change in funding pattern-release of matching state share -further instructions
  73/2015/Fin 10/08/2015Local Government Institutions -Utilization of Funds Devolved-Details of Expenditure and Unspent balance -called for
  72/2015/Fin 05/08/2015Preparation of Budget Estimates 2016-17 -Instructions
  71/2015/Fin 03/08/2015Budget 2015-16- Kerala Appropriation (No.2) Act,2015 (Act No. 10 of 2015) -Regarding.
  70/2015/Fin 30/07/2015Guidelines for the preparation of Performance Budgeting & Concurrent Evaluation/Audit of Performance of Plan Schemes 
  69/2015/Fin 28/07/2015e-Taal - Integration with all e-Governance applications of the state - Instructions Issued 
  68/2015/Fin 28/07/2015LAC-ADS - Incorporation of checklist in Detailed Project Reports for works proposed under LAC-ADS - Instructions issued 
  67/2015/Fin 22/07/2015
  66/2015/Fin 16/07/2015Kerala State Service Rules Part I- Leave under Appendix XII A/XII B/XII C- Eligibility for Maternity Leave- Clarification issued 
 04/07/2015Clarification on Joining Time in the case of those who got appointment on or after 01/04/2013 but eligible for mobility to retain in Part III Pension scheme 
  64/2015/Fin 03/07/2015Finance Department - Legislative Committee for Tabled Papers (2014-16) - Recommendations in 6th Report - Instructions 
  63/2015/Fin 01/07/2015
Advance for the purchase of Mosquito net and other conveyances-Statements of Allotment for 2015-15 furnishing of 
  62/2015/Fin 30/06/2015Implementation of e-office - Acceptance of files/receipts through e-office 
 29/06/2015Training Programme on Modern Office Management and RTI Act 
  59/2015/Fin 19/06/2015
 18/06/201513th Kerala Legislative Assembly - 14th Session (29-06-2015 to 30-07-2015) - Allotment of days rescheduled 
  57/2015/Fin 16/06/2015
  56/2015/Fin 15/06/2015Enhancement in the rate of Service Tax effective from 01.06.2015-
LIC premium enhancement- Updation done at SPARK database -intimation
  55/2015/Fin 01/06/2015Training in Data Entry- Willingness called for
  52/2015/Fin 28/05/201513th Kerala Legislative Assembly - 14th Session (08-06-2015 to 30-07-2015) - Allotment of days 
  51/2015/Fin 25/05/2015House Building Advance to State Government Employees and Teachers - Online registration of applications by Heads of Departments and sanctioning Authorities 2015-16 - Instructions issued. 
  50/2015/Fin 23/05/2015
  49/2015/Fin 22/05/2015
  48/2015/Fin 13/05/2015Rules for appointment and fixation of pay of the contract employees in Public sector Undertakings and Autonomous bodies-guidelines issued 
  47/2015/Fin 30/04/201560th Report of the Committee on Public Accounts (2014-16) -Recommendations in respect of re-appropriation/resumption of funds - Instructions - Issued 
  46/2015/Fin 30/04/2015SPARK data - Updation of mandatory fields - Extension of time limit - Directions Issued 
  45/2015/Fin 27/04/2015Finance Accounts of the State - Preparation and maintaining of Liability Register to identify and record all committed/accrued liabilities - Instructions 
  44/2015/Fin 27/04/2015Exhibition of Implicit Subsidies in the Finance Accounts
  43/2015/Fin 07/04/2015Finalization of Finance Accounts and Appropriation Accounts 2014-15 - Instructions issued 
  42/2015/Fin 07/04/2015National Pension System - All India Service Officers recruited to Kerala Cadre - realization of backlog - contributions -Further instructions issued
  41/2015/Fin 31/03/2015
  40/2015/Fin 30/03/2015Budget 2015-16 - Budget documents - Distribution to the Heads of Departments - Instructions - Issued 
  39/2015/Fin 30/03/2015Comptroller and Auditor General's Report - Statement of remedial measures taken - Modified Guidelines 
  38/2015/Fin 30/03/2015Annual Accounts of all Public Sector Undertakings -Comments of Finance Secretary - details to be furnished along with the Annual Accounts - Further instructions issued
  37/2015/Fin 30/03/2015Budget Estimates 2015-16 - Kerala Appropriation (Vote on Account) Act, 2015 (Act No 9 of 2015)
  36/2015/Fin 27/03/2015
  35/2015/Fin 25/03/2015Refund claims in respect of payments received by way of online remittances - Clarifications issued 
  34/2015/Fin 25/03/2015Treasury Transactions - Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of the Financial year - Modified Instructions issued
  33/2015/Fin 21/03/2015Appropriation Accounts 2014-15 - Finalization - Instructions - Issued 
 18/03/2015Treasury Transactions -Rushing of bills and drawal of advance towards the close of the financial year - Avoidance of - Instructions issued 
  30/2015/Fin 09/03/2015Direct Benefit Transfer System - Routing of all benefits through the existing bank account of beneficiaries - Direction issued
 06/03/2015Professional Training for the officers of Finance Department - Professional Diploma in Public Procurement (PDPP) - Nomination called for 
  28/2015/Fin 06/03/2015Training programme on "Project Management and Strategic Financial Planning" from  18th to 22nd May 2015 at Gangtok, Sikkim by National Productivity Council - Nominations called for 
  27/2015/Fin 06/03/2015
  26/2015/Fin 03/03/2015House Building Advance Scheme to State Government Employees - Extension of date for encashment - HBA 1st and 2nd batch allotment 2014-15 from Budget Provision 2014-15 - Instructions issued 
  25/2015/Fin 28/02/2015
  24/2015/Fin 28/02/2015
  23/2015/Fin 26/02/2015Updation of employee details in SPARK
  22/2015/Fin 21/02/201513th Kerala Legislative Assembly - 13th Session (06-03-2015 to 09-04-2015) - Allotment of days 
  21/2015/Fin 06/02/2015
  20/2015/Fin 06/02/2015Training Programme on "Effective Office Administration and Financial Management" by National Productivity Council - Nominations called for 
 02/02/2015LAC ADF 2014-15-Time limit for according Administrative Sanction-Instructions 
  18/2015/Fin 29/01/2015Budget Estimates 2014-15 Re appropriation/resumption of funds-Finalisation of the grant-Instructions issued
  17/2015/Fin 29/01/2015Training Programme on " Financial Terms for Regulators, Policy Makers and Policy Implementers" from 16th to 20th March,2015 - Nomination called for 
  16//2015/Fin 29/01/2015
  14/2015/Fin 24/01/2015 State Plan Schemes 2014-15 Claiming of Central Assistance-Statement of Expenditure Called for
  13/2015/Fin 20/01/2015
 17/01/2015Proposals for Final Batch of SDG 2014-15;Instructions
  3327/15/Fin 14/01/2015Guidelines to be followed by the National Games Secretariat(NGS)and District Organizing Committees (DOCs)in incurring  expenditure in connection with 35 th National Games
  11/2015/Fin 16/01/2015
  10/2015/Fin 16/01/2015Advance for the purchase of Mosquito net  7610-00-800-98-(NP) - Allotment of funds 2014-15-reg 
  09/2015/Fin 16/01/2015
KSRs- Commutation of leave into another kind of leave-Clarification issued
  08/15/Fin 09/01/2015
  07/15/Fin 01/01/2015Implementation of e-Office in Finance Department - Further instructions for sending files to Finance Department -  Issued
  01/2015/Fin 05/01/2015Deduction of Tax at Source - Income Tax Deduction from Salaries during the Financial Year 2014-15 under Section 192 of the Income -Tax Act 1961