25 | 08 | 2016
Submission of detailed contingent bills PDF Print E-mail

In Circular No.8/2010/Fin dated 19/01/2010 Government have directed all Drawing and Disbursing Officers to ensure that Abstract Contingent Bills in T.R 60 are drawn only by those departments and for the items of expenditure listed in Appendix 5 to KFC Vol.II. The detailed contingent bill in KFC Form 11 with sub vouchers as specified in respect of such claims are to be submitted to the Controlling Authority for counter signature not later than 10th of the month succeeding that to which it relates. The detailed bills pertaining to a month’s claim should reach the Accountant General (A&E), Kerala not later than 20th of the succeeding month as provided in rule 187 (d) KTC Vol.I.

Regarding drawal of fully vouched contingent bills and contingencies which require counter signature before payment, the Departments/ Drawing and Disbursing Officers should ensure that these were prepared in the relevant Form T.R. 59 or 61 as the case may be as prescribed in rule 187 (d) KTC Vol.I in order to safe guard against wrong classification by Accountant General. Instructions contained in KFC Art.103-111 in this regard may also be strictly followed.

For complete details please download Circular No.8/2010/Fin dated 19/01/2010 from here…