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 Sri.K.M.Mani,Hon'ble Minister for Finance,Govt.of Kerala presenting the Kerala Budget for 2014-15 before the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 24th January 2014.


    Reconciliation of Accounts
Instructions Issued
 Instructions were issued in Circular No.42/2014/Fin Dated 15/05/2014 for strictly carrying out the time limit issued for reconciliation. Download the list of pending certificates of departmental accounts both under receipts and expenditure.
National Pension System-Instructions
 Government have instructed all Drawing and Disbursing Officers to certify along with the salary bill from June 2014, that all employees working in their office and coming under NPS have obtained/applied for PRAN.For details view Circular No 49/2014/Fin Dated 27/05/2014
Payment of arrears of Dearness Relief to the Pensioners
Government have ordered to pay the 3rd & 4 th installments of arrears of Dearness relief together in one installment along with the pension for June 2014.For details view GO(P)No 189/2014/Fin Dated 24/05 /2014
  HBA - Online Registration-Instructions issued
Government have issued instructions for the online registration of applications for House Building Advance by the Heads of Departments nad Sanctioning Authorities.For details view Circular No 44/2014/Fin Dated 23/05/2014




 Latest Decisions

RAMZAN-Early Disbursement of Pay and Allowances
Government have  ordered early disbursement of pay and allowances to the Muslim employees of  state Government.For details view GO(P)No.305/2014/Fin Dated 23/07/2014
"Non Co-operation Strike" by KGMOA- Instructions
Government have issued instructions to be followed by the Treasury Officers before passing the salary bills of Medical Officers from 7/2014 salary onwards till further instructions are issued.For details view Letter No.63701/SL-3/2014/Fin Dated 19/07/2014
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities)
Government have notified the sale of Kerala Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of 1000.00 Crore (Nominal). For details view/ download Notification No 64291/ SS1/2014/Fin 18/7/2014
 Income Tax -TDS - Instructions  Issued
Government have issued strict instructions to all Treasury Officers to issue TDS Certificates  in Form 16/16A  downloaded only from TRACES.For details view Letter No 64314/SL1/2014/Fin Dated 16/07/ 2014
 Local Government Institutions-Utilization of Funds Devolved-Details called for 
Government have called for  the details of expenditure and unspent balance of the funds devolved fro the Local Government Institutions.For details view Circular No.66/2014/Fin Dated 14/07/2014
 Supplementary Demands for Grants - July 2014
Cheque  Drawing Departments brought under Bill System-Instructions 
Government have ordered to  bring the Cheque Drawing Departments under the bill system with effect from  the salary claims of August 2014 onwards and issued detailed instructions for the smooth transition.For details view GO(P)No 265/2014/Fin Dated 07/07/2014
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities)
Government have notified the sale of Kerala Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of 500.00 Crore (Nominal). For details view/ download Notification No 54827/ SS1/2014/Fin Dated 20/06/ 2014
Proposals for creation of posts-Instructions issued 
 All Departments are instructed not to place the proposals for creation of posts  before the Council of Ministers,without the approval of Finance Department.For details view Circular No.61/2014/Fin dated 19/6/ 2014.
Dearness Allowance/Relief  Revised 
Government have revised the Dearness  Allowance to State Government Employees and Dearness Relief to State Pensioners/Family Pensioners with effect from January 2014.For details view GO(P) No.221/2014/Fin Dated 16/06 /2014.
NPS - Revised procedure for submitting PRAN 
 Government have revised the procedure for submission of PRAN applications in respect of employees who would join service from 01/06/2014 to CRA.For details Circular No 51/2014/Fin Dated 29/05 /2014 

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