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Friday, 13 March 2015 10:00

Sri.K.M.Mani,Hon'ble Minister for Finance,Govt.of Kerala presenting the Kerala Budget for 2015-16 before the Kerala Legislative Assembly on 13th March 2015.


Bill Discounting System-Procedure modified
Government have modified the system and procedure relating to the Bill Discounting System.For details view GO(P) No.97/2015/Fin Dated 25/02 /2015
e-Treasury - More Banks integrated 
Government have permitted to integrate nine more banks in the e-Treasury portal along with the three agency banks already authorized.For more details view GO(P)No.89/2015/Fin Dated 19/02 /2015
DA/DR rates enhanced- Orders issued
Government have issued orders revising the Dearness Allowance to State Government Employees and Dearness Relief to Pensioners.For details view GO (P)No.72/2015/Fin Dated 07/02 /2015 
Creation of Posts-Manpower Statement - Proforma 
Government  have issued the format of the manpower statement to be included with the request for creation of posts in unavoidable circumstances.For details read GO(P)No.58/2015/Fin Dated 02/02 /2015
Fund Release & Electronic Ledger Account System-Guidelines issued
Government have issued guidelines for fund release to Government Departments/PSUs/ Implementing Agencies and  introduced Electronic Ledger Account System(ELA) .For details view GO(P)No 48/2015/Fin Dated 23/01/2015.
National Games Secretariat & DOCs;  Guidelines
Government have issued detailed guidelines to be followed by the National Games Secretariat(NGS)and District Organizing Committees(DOCs)in incurring expenditure in connection with 35th National Games.For details view Circular No.3327/2015 /Fin Dated 14/01/2015
Bill Discounting System-Detailed Guidelines
 Government have issued detailed guidelines on Bill Discounting System for making payment of pending bills in respect of Contractors through IOUs.For details view GO(P)No13/2015/Fin Dated 12/01/2015
Cost of Tender Form,EMD etc...Revised
Government have revised the cost of Tender Form,Earnest Money Deposit, Performance Security Deposit etc...For details view GO(P)No.03/2015/Fin Dated 05/01/ 2015
Measures for accessing Financial markets for raising Funds
Government have issued orders on the measures for the  development of infrastructure of the state.For details view GO(P)No 583/ 2014/ Fin Dated 29/12/2014
Baalasanthwanam 2014- Introduced
 Government have introduced   "Baalasanthwanam-2014" for providing treatment assistance to the Cancer affected children undergoing treatment in Regional Cancer Centre.For details view GO(P)No.575/2014/Fin Dated 23/12 /2014
Deduction of Tax at Source-Instructions 
Government have issued instructions on the deduction of Income Tax from salaries during the financial year 2014-15 under section 192 of the Income Tax Act 1961.For details view Circular No 110/2014/Fin Dated 23/12/2014.
GPAIS- Extension of time limit for remittance
Government have extended the time limit for the deduction and remittance of premium for the year 2015.For details view GO(P)No 566/2014/Fin Dated 19/12/2014
State Plan Schemes-Departmental figures;
Details called for 
All Heads of Departments and Plan Implementing Officers  are directed to furnish statement of actual expenditure(Departmental figures) incurred on State Plan Schemes during 2013-14 before 25/11/2014.For details view Circular No 99/2014/Fin Dated 15/11/2014


   Latest Decisions

Budget 2015-16 - Kerala Appropriation(No.2)Act,2015  (Act No.10 of 2015)
All Heads of the Departments and Controlling Officers are informed that the Kerala Appropriation Bill 2015 relating to the expenditure during the Financial year 2015-16 has been passed by the Kerala Legislative Assembly.For more details view Circular No 71/2015/Fin Dated 08/03/2015
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities)
Government have notified the Sale of Kerala Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of 1500.00 Crore (Nominal).For details view Notification No 57548/SS1/2015/Fin dated 24/07/2015

Supplementary Demands for Grants 2015-16
View/download the first batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants  of the State Government relating to the Financial Year 2015-16.
Appointment of Financial Advisor cum Consultant
Government of Kerala have decided to appoint a Financial Advisor cum Consultant through a competitive bidding process for accessing financial markets by agencies of Government of Kerala.For details download / view
10th Pay Revision Commission Report submitted
The Tenth Pay Revision Commission has submitted its report to the Government today.For details visit  www.prc2014.kerala.gov.in
 Rubber Production Incentive Scheme- Guidelines issued
 Government have issued guidelines  for the effective implementation of Rubber Production Incentive Scheme announced in the Budget Speech 2015-16.For details view GO(P)No. 269/2015/Fin Dated 03/07/2015

GPF Annual Statements for 2014-15
Annual GPF Statements of State Government employees and All India Services Officers for the year 2014-15 can be downloaded from www.agker.cag.gov.in.

View Press release   Malayalam version   |    English version
Special Working Group-Procedure revised
Government have issued issued instructions / guidelines, for the effective and smooth functioning of the Special Working Group.For details view Circular No.59/2015/Fin Dated 19/06 /2015
Execution of Public Works-Revised Guidelines 
Government have revised the guidelines for the execution of public works in the state through accredited agencies to streamline the existing system.For details view GO(P)No 230/2015/Fin Dated 16/06/ 2015 
 Budget Estimates 2015-16 First  Batch of SDG - Instructions
 Government have issued instructions  for the submission of proposals for the first batch of Supplementary Demands for Grants 2015-16.For details view Circular No 53/2015/Fin Dated 30/05/2015.
Deposit Works - Cheque Drawing Departments-Procedure modified
Government have modified the procedure to be followed by the  Cheque Drawing Departments for Deposit Works.For details view GO(P)No.198/2015/Fin Dated 28/05/ 2015
Sale of Kerala Government Stock (Securities)
Government have notified the Sale of Kerala Government Stock (securities) of 10-year tenure for an aggregate amount of 1000.00 Crore (Nominal).For details view Notification No.36675/SS1/ 2015/Fin Dated  08/5/2015
Treasury Fixed Deposits- Rates of Interest revised
Government have revised the rates of interest for the Treasury Fixed Deposits with effect from 01/05/2015.For details view GO(P)No.156/2015/Fin Dated 29/04 /2015
 eLAMS - Operational Guidelines Issued 
Government have issued operational guidelines for the stakeholders of Electronic Ledger Account Monitoring System(eLAMS). For details view GO(P)No.143 /2015/Fin Dated 22/04/ 2015

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